Friday, May 29, 2009

"We were crying"

The girls got home from their last day of school and told me, "Lauren, me, and Emily were all crying on the bus today." At first I thought she said they were fighting. With how rough this morning went, I could believe it. Then I realized she said "crying." Lindsey told me almost everyone was crying on the bus. Most of the kids on the bus will be going to the new school next year, so I am sure it was hard for many of them to leave some of their friends that will stay at the old school. Emily will stay at the old school because of the A.L.L. program. Lauren was still a little weepy eyed when she came in the door. Poor girls!

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Anonymous said...

Karla,Karla,Karla, I so enjoy your blogs. I feel close to that part of the family that is so far apart. Keep up the Great work. Luv ya Dad