Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture for previous posts (March)

Back in March I was talking about Emily's birthday and her fancy decorations for her room. I had her stay out of her room until it was time for presents. I then let her in her room. She got these animal print boxes....

curtains and the hardware to go with it....
(animal print fuzzy curtains and then some sheer black curtains too)

I picked up this material and then didn't really know what to do with it... this is what I did. I am still not super impressed or pleased with it. Everytime I go into her room I look at it and keep thinking, what should we do with that? Maybe I will see something somewhere to give me an idea or maybe I will think of something. Until then, this is what it looks like.

In Feburary Emily had a monthly project due, what didn't get done because of several reasons, Samantha was sick with RSV and we kind of just had a crazy month. She turned it in late, but finally got it done. She was to make a biography of someone. She chose her Grandma Hayes.

This is the finished project.

It was suppose to have several things on it, biography on one side, a time line on another side, a poem on another side (I forget what it is called, you spell out their name and do words that start with that letter of their name). Then on the front was to have pictures, and a border or something that was made up of things the person liked.

Here is her BARBARA peom...

And the front of the box.

Look for the upcoming project she is working on now... it is a book, ABC's of 3rd grade.

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