Saturday, May 16, 2009

Amber's snack time

Ooops, I forgot to put these on here backwards...

So this is Amber posing for pictures, she does this anytime I have the camera, taking pictures of someone or something, she wants the spot light, and over looking my photos, she is in the spot light.

Here she is in the dance moves, as she dances and poses. Crazy girl.

But before all the dancing, this is what she was doing.... drinking water and eating goldfish.

It did start out as a bowl of goldfish crackers and a cup of water.... but for some reason she wanted to simplify things, and combine them. Saving time maybe.

Yep, nothing like chewing your water before you drink it. GROSS! Where do they come up with this. I am thinking maybe nursery. Before she put them all in her water, she was dipping them in the water. I have seen that done in several nursery classes over the years.
At least she did eat and drink it all. My other kids do things like that and then just play and waste it.

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Roberts Family said...

Karla I think she is learning how to multi-task already! She is a girl however and that is what we do best right? haha :-) Whether it is throwing down our food altogether with a big spoon Army style or drinking it! I love it!