Friday, July 15, 2011

Our lovely dog...

Don't let this cute little guy fool you...  this is what we saw and thought how cute he was... 
He seems to find trouble no matter where he goes.  We don't have toilet paper in the down stairs bathroom on the dispenser, it is up on a shelf, or it will look like this.  This one is the best of the ones I have found.

Apparently he has seen the cat go in and out of the door, but he doesn't really fit.  When come home or leave and we see his head pop out the door.  It is only a matter of time before he gets stuck in there or can't do it anymore.
My iPhone was plugged in and charging, and he ate right through the cord, can you believe that? 
He seems to like whatever the kids have such as puzzles.  This poor puzzle the kids LOVED it and we have had it for so long!

Would you believe that he likes to play Memory games too?  Guess it will be easy to match the lady bug now.
He loves the water, especially when it is in the dirt.  This is what our bathroom looked like several different times!  The picure doesn't even do justice, the floor was a MESS!
Yeah look at those dirty paws, real cute isn't he?!
He also has gotten a hold of a few flipping frogs from our frog game.  I don't think there is any fixing that frog.
Swimming googles?  Really? 
He ate the tape dispenser.  I complain about my kids taking my tape, at least they don't destroy it.
And my chairs for my dining table too...
That's not even nice!
This is our chair that sits at the computer desk, he spends a lot of time under the chair.  You can see how he spends his time.
He has popped just about every ball in the house including 2 soccer balls.
There is ALWAYS just stuff all over our floor from him eating something, the newspaper, wrappers, toys, socks, dryer sheets.  He is just a huge mess maker!
He is trying to look less quilty, but he broke Amber's cute little sunglasses.  Amber was not happy.
This is only a small portion of things he has chewed up...  this isn't including the large number of socks, shirts and skirts he has tore holes in, his nice expensive doggy bed he mutilated, numerous shoes he has chewed up (including some of our neighbors shoes).  I am not sure I am happy about this dog at all!  Some nights I think, this dog goes tomorrow!  And then I soften a little bit....
When I see the look on the girls face....
And hear their laughter as they play with him.
Then I think maybe we will keep him one more day.

These are some pictures from when we first got him and then now...

And the girls seem to love this dog...
And I think the dog loves these girls too!