Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lindsey gets a hair cut and loses a tooth

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 8:20 AM
Here is the pictures that I have been promising many of Lindsey's new hair cut. She decided since she got her ears pierced that she wanted her hair shorter to show off her ears. She wanted her hair like mine, but mine isn't curly so I told her it wouldn't really be the same at all. I think it turned out cute. I wish I hadn't cut her bangs so short, but nothing a clip can't fix for a few months.

Lauren lost her second tooth and then the next day Lindsey lost her first tooth. Lindsey wanted to loose her first one before Lauren's second but she wasn't too brave about wiggling it.

Oh yeah, and last... Amber stood by herself on Sunday. No real steps yet, but she is standing from time to time by herself. She will be 1 year on the 26th, so I guess she is on normal schedule. I am think she won't walk till after her birthday. She is pretty content with crawling. No rush, less worries while she is still on the ground.

That is all the news here really. The girls are getting ready for Halloween, we will have a bride, a vet, a 50's girl, and a little clown. We will have to send pictures when the time comes.