Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The time has come

Most the girls have had hair cuts. Amber has had only a few. Samantha has been wanting one every time the other girls get one. I keep telling her "let's think about it" and hope she forgets or that I can put it off longer. I normally let the girls cut their hair as they want. Samantha has such long beautiful hair I didn't want to cut it.

Every time I brush her hair it takes a while and she cries because its tangled and has knots in it. Recently I was brushing Samantha's hair while she was standing on a stool in front of the bathroom mirror. As I brushed her hair, I saw her little face all scrunched up trying to be brave, trying not to cry, and I realized it was time.

I wanted her hair long, but poor girl was having a hard time each day we brush it. I asked her if we should cut her hair. She still wanted it. And we is.

I think it looks cute. Amber's hair got long again, and she asked if she could get her's cut too. Amber's hair is always awful to brush!

Two girls got their hair cut! And I think it looks cute! I hope brushing will be easier and quicker with less tears shed too.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Emily ran out before I could really get a picture of her. She wanted to be a "Girly Girl" is what she called it. She wanted things to be extreme and things she normally wouldn't wear... Lots of sparkles, dark makeup, her hair all done, pink stuff. Not that she doesn't like pink, but she always says she isn't a "Girly girl" and I agree, she isn't super fussy about all the glamorous things advertised for girls.

Lindsey wanted to be a voodoo witch. It was lots of fun making. She looked very gross! I could hardly look at her. Not sure if you can tell but she even had brown teeth. There were all sorts of things hanging from her skirt, snakes a bird, voodoo doll, spiders, skulls... many things from Halloween stuff. Even a rat! Her costume was lots of fun.

Lauren wanted to be a pretty witch, whatever that meant I wasn't sure. People would refer to the girls as a bad witch and a good witch. Lauren was pleased with her costume.

Amber was a princess, Costco costume made easy. We did spray her down with glitter.

Samantha was a fairy which also came from Costco which made it easy.

The grade schoolers, Lindsey, Lauren, and amber had a Halloween parade at school. Lindsey didn't wear her wig or much makeup for school. The individual pictures were taken right before school. I painted Samantha's face like 3 times and then just gave up.

It was my year to take the girls around trick or treating. We got way too much candy and I, myself ate way too much candy too!

Insufficient storage quota

So I got a cool app on my phone so I can download pics and post to my blog. I thought it would be easy. Although after all this time of putting pics on and writing captions and stories, it gives me some error message when I try to publish it. Anyone getting that too? Any ideas how to fix it?