Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PPF Family

I am almost a year behind!  It's been a busy one!  Just to get things done, I am going to just kind of throw these out here in hopes to come back later for more details of the fun we had. 

This one needs explanining...  I noticed that Grandpa (my dad) is at the computer, fast asleep.  I then a bit later hear, "should we shoot him?" and as I look in there, Lindsey and her cousin Destiny have a perfect shot.

We were able to participate in Conrad's birthday.  He was so cute! 
My girls got the camera several times, we got crazy pictures.  This was one of the better ones. 
Samantha and Amber found dress up shoes.  They wore them all over the place.  They even wore them on the horse sometimes. 
Grandma has a closet ful of high heels!  Samantha found herself some.

And Parker her cousin found some too!  Sooo funny!
Since my parents were getting ready for their LDS church mission, we decided to do family pictures.  It wasn't as successful as we had hoped, several of the family members were missing.  The pictures turned out great though.
I think my girls had the camera again!
There were so many fun places we took pictures of.  This is all just in the yard of my parents house.  I'm going to miss this all.  But we will make more memories in other places.

This one of my parents with all the grandkids that were present was so cute.  They were just on the road in front of their house.
I love this one, Kelly and Samantha were just hanging out while others were getting their pictures taken. 

I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I did them both!  So cute!
There are the BOYS, that were there, well minus my dad.  How did that happen?
This is again, my parents with basically Kelly and my kids, and you can't forget little Sofie their dog.
Aunt Lorri was a favorite place to sit for Sam.  She liked to drink her "duck water" and Auntie Lorri sent her home with some too. 

We had told the girls to go get jammies on, and this is what Amber came back with.

There is ALOT of dirt at pony poop farm, and alot of treats.  Not sure what this dirty face is from, dirt or food?

This was the first day we arrived, just after we got there.  The kids were re-aquainting themselves.
The fun stuff we do while we are with Family!  My kids love each time we go.  They love the family and the fun and the animals too.  They were sad that this would be our last PPF trip.  They are excited for my parents mission.