Friday, February 1, 2013

Made me smile

As I was walking around this morning picking up misplaced shoes, gloves, toys, and other objects I noticed something new on my wall.

At first I noticed it was my super duper sticky shipping labels, stuck to the wall. I had put them away long ago because we had stickers on doors and walls and chairs and the stickers don't really come off. I was a bit upset when I noticed it on my wall... Again, something for me to clean up after.

Then I saw what was on it and I guess it's that change of heart that takes place. Instead of being angry my heart melted a little. Amber drew a picture and wrote on it "Amber is osum Sam is kool!" And then it says "like pu beecus I am osum" when you look up it says, "mad bi Amber and Sam". Translation, Amber is awesome, Sam is cool. Look up because I am awesome. Made by Amber and Sam.

They each drew a family of snowmen. So cute. I will probably leave it on my wall before I worry about getting the super super super sticky label off my wall.