Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lindsey gets a hair cut and loses a tooth

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 8:20 AM
Here is the pictures that I have been promising many of Lindsey's new hair cut. She decided since she got her ears pierced that she wanted her hair shorter to show off her ears. She wanted her hair like mine, but mine isn't curly so I told her it wouldn't really be the same at all. I think it turned out cute. I wish I hadn't cut her bangs so short, but nothing a clip can't fix for a few months.

Lauren lost her second tooth and then the next day Lindsey lost her first tooth. Lindsey wanted to loose her first one before Lauren's second but she wasn't too brave about wiggling it.

Oh yeah, and last... Amber stood by herself on Sunday. No real steps yet, but she is standing from time to time by herself. She will be 1 year on the 26th, so I guess she is on normal schedule. I am think she won't walk till after her birthday. She is pretty content with crawling. No rush, less worries while she is still on the ground.

That is all the news here really. The girls are getting ready for Halloween, we will have a bride, a vet, a 50's girl, and a little clown. We will have to send pictures when the time comes.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Linday and Lauren's birthday at Grandparents Thomas'

Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 4:22 PM
Subject: Linday and Lauren's birthday at Grandparents Thomas'

The girls did cake and ice cream at Grandma and Grandpa's. They of course love having all that attention and people singing and making a bid deal about them. Who doesn't right?

I hope this video clip comes out okay and not too gigantic, I am still trying to figure out what works good and what not.

Pirate Birthday Cakes

Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 1:35 PM
Subject: Pirate Birthday Cakes

Here are the pirate cakes we had yesterday, while some of you buccaneer's where out watching Pirates we were being pirates, and eating pirates cake.

The girls had a really good time, and Emily was a really big help. You can tell by her picture that she was a little excited about it too.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fixing the house

Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 1:12 PM
Subject: House Stuff
I have a few extra minutes here, Amber is swinging and the girls are eating. I washed up from all the white "goop" as I call it. Goop being the drywall compound for the sheetrock in the basement we are replacing, or have replaced.

All the sheetrock is up, which is great, all the walls have been taped and mudded, along with the ceiling. We put in a new closet, so those wall are secure and fixed. The ceiling is textured to the best of my ability with a wooden stool as my mud stamper and a long puty knife to smooth out. I have almost finished all the texturing of the walls. The walls before where just flat, no texture but I thought we might need texture to hide all the imperfectness of the walls, both what we did and whomever did the basement before us. We even fixed a few problem areas too with mud and what not. My grand wall texturing is with one of those bath sponges you use in the shower with liquid body soap. It makes a nice smooth but nice design on the walls. My forearms ache from doing it and my shoulders are tired from the ceiling work. All that said and done, I am about ready to paint.

My biggest concern (and still is) has been what color to paint. I want a grey or brown color for the front room with my nice pretty couches and then from there, I don't have a clue. Everything I come up with (teal, peach, yellow, green, blue, mauve, red/orange...) Robert is like, that is an ugly color. I will ask him, which do you like better (with paint chips in hand), the peach or the yellow? Or maybe we should do green? His response is I don't care, they are all ugly. Kind of makes it hard to decide with all those colors and then to make sure they are going to match and look good with one another. I think I have it narrowed down to 3 colors, but then this morning as I was texturing, I was thinking maybe I would go with yellow instead of the peach.... and if I do yellow, I want blue instead of the green.... but I like blue better than the green, so if I do blue, I need to go with the peach, or maybe I should go back to the light lavender color.... I need to just buy the paint and be done deciding.

I have been quite a beauty queen lately, and imagine I am not done yet in my gorgeous state. I typically have a head of grey hair and if not grey, then with white highlights, or white arms, a white spotted face along with my styling clothes with big chunks of goop on them. My nails have a nice coat of white polish, along with my toes (not sure how that happens, well I do, I drop a lot of goop from time to time). I have more then once got a mouthful of the nasty stuff, and even got it in my eye once. Safety goggles I guess, SAFETY FIRST right!! The girls want to help, but that lasts for about 2.5 minutes and then they say, "I am done." What they really want to do (or the twins anyway) is put there hands in the goop and just play. They are not interested in putting it on the walls or anything of that nature.

On any given night, Robert says, "I hope you are taking a shower before you get in my bed." I don't see what the fuss is about.... crumbs in the bed are a delight. Especially really hard pokey ones. And, if you roll over them enough times, they will just turn to dust. Picky, picky, picky!

I think if I texture the last section of wall tonight or today, then I will be ready for the primer tomorrow, which I already have purchased and in the garage. Then for the COLOR I guess. Robert informed me that he thinks we should have the whole house carpeted at the same time. We talked about it before and thought it would be easiest to do it in two parts, downstairs and then upstairs. We have to empty the basement bedroom (basement is pretty much empty) and then our bedroom, the hall and the front room with the computer in it as well as the furniture. After he told me this, he said, we better get busy. Which really means, I better get busy. I am not sure where all our stuff is going, but we will find some place for it all. I would like to paint each room too without carpet, easier and all, but I guess people paint with carpet all the time. We will see how time goes I guess.

Well with that said, I suppose I have much to do, not to mention my house has been ignored recently and really needs a cleaning.

Hope all is well with you there, maybe someday I will send pictures of our new updates here...

Love to all!

Karla and family

Monday, May 14, 2007

Amber picture off my new toy!

Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 1:44 PM
Subject: Amber picture off my new toy!

Just checking this out seeing what works and what doesn't. But isn't she cute? You can see her little top tooth in, and the one next to it will be through in about a day... really close to being through her little gums.

I am playing for a little while.... I am out of mud for downstairs and Amber is sleeping, so I am trying this out again!

See ya!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WA Trip plans for the summer

Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 5:21 PM
Subject: For anyone who cares....
In case anyone cares or pretends to care.... (although I know you are all anxiously awaiting my arrival and feel as if the day will never come because you are so very excited to see ME, not my girls)

I would like to inform you of my plans for this summer as far as my visit there goes. I am planning as of now to come up on the 6th of July, which is a Friday I believe and stay until the weekend after the 24th (paid holiday for Robert) I expect we would leave the 27th (friday) or the 28th (saturday) although there has been a little talk about leaving a day or two earlier and coming home through Yellowstone park.

So that is my plans for WA this summer.

I have yet to buy Tracy's plane ticket because I wanted to make sure all things there are secure. I know Dad has a LIST to do and some D batteries to pick up for those RV's. I didn't know if it would be more helpful to come before the BIG weekend or if it will be all taken care of.

My concerns are am I really gonna be able to help with my little ducklings of a group, will I be more heip by not being there? (ha-ha-ha-ha) I just wanted to make sure there was sufficent help in getting everything done. I can bring stuff from here or do things here, if there is anything like that to do. Such as paper products from Costco or whatever.... I don't really know what needs to be done.

So if someone could be so kind to let me know where I play a part in this whole HUGE get together, I would gladly like to do my share. If I am not needed, I will stay and sit on the couch watch TV and eat my bon bons (but in reality that means sit on the floor and stare at the wall because there is no couch to sit on so I would be sitting on the floor (cement floor mind you because the carpet is torn up and there are still shards of tile here and there to step on and remind you to wear shoes in the construction zone ((which Lindsey and Lauren say destruction instead of construction, and I think that is more fitting)), since the couch is in the dining room where the table went which is now in the garage, and the TV is in our bedroom with a recliner in the middle of the small walkway to the bed and bathroom. You almost have to crawl up on the chair to get to the crib or the bathroom door. And as for the bon bons, I don't buy them because then I would have to share... and I have a hard time sitting for too long because of crying babies or needs of other girls....like now)

So let me know what I can do and I will let you know if my plans change with any of this at all.

Love ya!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Photo Booth with Lindsey and Lauren

Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 1:48 PM
Subject: Photo Booth with Lindsey and Lauren

We went to Kmart one day, with all my girls and one of Emily's friends. They had one of those photo booths there, 4 pictures for a $1, so Emily and her friend (who is moving this summer) got some pictures. Then Lindsey and Lauren wanted to do it.

I haven't ever scanned from this printer before so I hope it all worked out. I will make sure and resend if needed.

Just wanted to share the cuteness. (Lauren is the one with the lost tooth.)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby Amber, Lost Tooth, and Make-over

Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 5:02 PM

Amber has discovered her feet, she is loving her socks off to play with her feet and then she just rocks and rocks. Also she (Amber) has started on solids, she wears more of it than she eats I believe. Lindsey and Lauren were saying that she has a beard and a mustache.

Lauren lost her tooth. She was chewing on something and got it pretty loose, and then she kept working it all day. By the end of the day I pulled it out and it didn't even bleed, just fell right out. She didn't even realize that it had fallen out.

Then of course Emily in make up, she wanted to try it out.

That's all I got for now I guess.

Love and miss ya,

Karla and family

Dinosaur Museum

Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 4:42 PM
Subject: Dinosaur Museum

Here is the Dino's Museum, feel free to come take a tour of it. Admission is free. More of things to see that are not shown here, but this is a preview of what you can see.

I have a few more pictures to send so sit tight.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Story time by Emiily

Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 5:02 PM
Subject: Story time by Emiily

I am hoping this isn't the one I just sent. This should be Emily reading to the other girls. Each day Emily is to read or be read to 20 minutes a day. Some days it seems so impossible to read for long and be uninterupted, but this works good too if they will all cooperate. Amber is so wiggly that even when we sit her up on the couch she just wiggles down. She sits fine on her own. She also loves to bend over backwards and hand upside down. So maybe that is what is going on part of the time too. I love to listen to Emily read, she gives so much life to it... it's great!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 11:01 AM

We have been having extraordinary weather here, or I think so because I love the sun. Last weekend we went to the park and all got some sun. We took the girl's bikes for them to ride there and that turned out to be no fun. Their training wheels were all bending or getting loose or something and then they would whine because their bikes were too wobbly. Amber was the best of them all. On our way to the park Robert ended up taking one set of training wheels off. Emily was on that bike, so she had to have someone with her to hold her bike up. I ended up walking home and getting the car to drive home so we didn't have to ride the bikes back home.

Since we had training wheels off, I thought I would work with Emily yesterday to ride her bike a bit better. So I held on to the back of her bike and ran with her as she rode it. She would ride it on the sidewalk in front of our house and then turn up our driveway and go in the grass. I had her permission to only let go when she was in the grass. So we tried that and no falls and by the end of about 20-30 minutes she was riding her bike.

We went in for dinner, Robert had meetings to go to and I asked Emily if she wanted to go in the BIG backyard to try her bike one more time before bed. No problem we do that, and she is riding away no big deal.

Meanwhile, Lindsey had gone to the bathroom right before we started in the backyard with the bike. Sometimes she has a tendency to use a little too much toilet paper. Luckily when she does that she doesn't flush the toilet so I catch it before it clogs and floods. (I have a special toilet wooden spoon for this purpose, and fishing out any other foreign objects as well.) On top of that, our toilet has a tendency to keep running until you jiggle the handle or the handle will stick down.

We come back inside from all the outdoor riding and Lindsey and Lauren are saying, "what's that, uh oh Mom look!" All I hear is a down pour of rain... but we are inside. I look and the ceiling in our basement at the bottom of the stairs is just raining like crazy. I am looking at it and trying to figure out where this is coming from, what happened.... what to do, and I then go up stairs to a flooded carpet in the hallway, and the bathroom is about 2 inches deep in water. I have flip flops on and I take them off and they are just floating around on the water. Then I hear the toilet running. I jiggle the handle. Then I lift the lid as water is dumping rapidly out of the toilet, I get the plunger and start plunging away, finally the toilet water goes down. Phew! One thing fixed. I notice that the carpet in my room next to the bathroom is soaked, like standing water, for about 2 to 3 feet away from the bathroom door. Not to mention all the boxes and things under Amber's crib are sitting on a watery carpet now.

Robert is at a meeting and I am looking at this mess not even knowing what to do. Get a towel? Not even Bounty the quicker picker upper would work for this mess. I call Robert and tell him we have a bit of a problem. We have water standing in the upstairs bathroom and leaking all the way to the basement floor. He says, okay.

I think about our carpet cleaner, It sucks up water.... I go down stairs to grab it and then notice when I open the laundry room door, more water on the floor all the way almost to the washing machine, we have a drain in there so it stopped about there at the drain. Not only water on the floor but it is raining from the ceiling and the door jam. (Later Robert tried to shut that door, but it wouldn't because of all the waterlogged wood.) I walk through the raining ceiling to get the carpet cleaner, just thinking about where the water is coming from and how clean it is as it is dripping on my head and everywhere else.

I take the carpet cleaner up to the bathroom and turn it on, it is full in about 40 seconds max. I dump it and repeat for about an hour and a half. Sucking up the water in the bathroom floor and the carpet in my room and the hallway and down the stairs a step or two. Not to mention, it is bedtime, the girls are interested in what everything looks like. I give Amber who is tired and crying to Emily to hold, tell them all to stay in the front room while I am trying to get some of the water up.

Robert comes home with a neighbors big shop vac, he fills that completely full from the basement. To help you see this picture. After Robert had sucked up one canister of water into the shop vac, it was still so wet down stairs on the carpet then when you stepped from the stairs to the carpet it splashed like a mud puddle. You had to walk really slow and carefully for it not to splash.

As if the water part wasn't bad enough, we had all sorts of toys and things in the hallway upstairs that got soaked. We had clothes that had to be hand washed that I had washed recently and hung them on Robert's weight bench downstairs to dry that are now soaked. There was a box of kids books soaked downstairs. It looks like most of them are okay, but 3 of them may not make it. There was a box of scrapbooks that got all wet. I think they will be okay. The album that got the worse was our wedding one... figures! I think they will be okay as long as we don't try to take the pictures out of the plastic.

Robert starts tearing down wet sheetrock that is on the ceiling. He takes down a light fixture that has completely filled up with water. (Don't turn on that light!) Now not only is the floor wet, but now we have that nasty sheetrock dust on everything, but because of the water it turns to a nice paste. (Remember those clothes drying? They now have that dust/paste all over them.) Robert ripped up the carpet that was soaked, and the padding and the tack strips and all that fun stuff that goes with it. Carrying all that to the garbage can, which luckily is empty (or was) because it was just garbage day. And you know that sheetrock dust paste, well it is leading from the basement to the front door, to the girls room, to the kitchen door.... in the garage. That should be fun to clean up.

We took apart the weight set and took it to the garage. I think we might get new carpet now, and a new ceiling.... Robert thinks now is a good time to redo the room. Maybe get a fireplace down there.... (Like there will be money for that now that we have to replace everything else.) I am just glad we didn't already redo the carpet. We talked at one point about putting our computer down there in that spot where the weight bench was, which is directly under the upstairs bathroom. I am really glad that wasn't the case this time. That would have been worse, especially how messy our desk is with paper work and receipts and all that stuff. I can handle a little more laundry and a few books to be replaced... the computer thing would have been real ugly.

So about 11 pm we go upstairs to go to bed and call it a night. While I am in the bathroom or try to get in there, I realize I still have to take the shop vac, the carpet shampooer, and all the attachments out of the bathroom so we can even get in there to brush teeth and what not. Not to mention all the wet stuff in the tub that I threw in there when I was cleaning the bathroom and the hall. (Stuffed animals, a backpack, brushes, soap, hair products, all the bathroom rugs....

Oh, and another thing that was down stairs in the "rain zone" was a huge package of toilet paper from costco we had picked up a week or two ago. Of course they are indivually wrapped in PAPER, so I think I saved like 5 or 6 rolls that didn't get squishy wet, and some of those are still damp. I thought we could unroll a few of those to get something. Costco is usually pretty reasonably priced, but this turned out to be some real expensive toilet paper.

So today on my "to do list" is get rid of all the sheetrock paste down stairs, and rip up the rest of the wet carpet. Rewash the towels that are on the chair that now have sheetrock junk in them, (should have folded those before I guess) and move the fans around to dry up more carpet. I am glad it isn't snowing or too cold or we would be really freezing in the house. I told the girls to wear warm clothes today. I am not sure that maybe even water didn't go down the air intake in the hallway for the furnace. Not sure if that is a big deal or not. (ha-ha-ha-ha) I also need to call the insurance to see if this is covered or not.

I can laugh about this now, but Robert isn't quite to that point. I was laughing about it last night. It will take longer for Robert to find humor in this. And poor Lindsey, last night she just kept saying "I'm sorry Mom, I didn't know" over and over again. I told Robert we should be careful how we say things or when we talk about it so that she doesn't feel bad about it. Emily and Lauren kept saying, "you did this Lindsey." Poor girl. She seems okay today about it all.

Well, I have things to do today... guess I better get started with it all. I hope you have a fun day today, I know I will! We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cowgirl Emily (birthday party)

Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2007 7:08 PM
Subject: Cowgirl Emily

"Giddy Up Cowgirls! Come on over to Emily's correl for a Horsey good time!" is what Emily' s invitation read.

Her party was today, we had a good time, Emily had a great time.... she was really tired and got a little grumpy a few times. But we all survived! Emily reported that her favorite part was the presents and what she would change to make it better would have been to have her guest stay longer.... (they were here from 1 to 4 PM).

The pictures say most of it. I didn't get a picture of them playing horseshoes or saddle the horse (same as pin the tale on the donkey, poster behind Emily at the table in a picture I think). We then played with balloons doing miscellaneous games from relay racing to who could pop your balloon the fastest.

We had a great group of girls here.... Lindsey was my biggest battle today, so that was okay.

Gotta get those kids in bed.... early morning church on top of daylight savings time.... YUCK!!

Wishing you could have all been her to help celebrate too,

Miss and love you!!!

Karla and family

Friday, March 9, 2007

Girls and laundry

The girls are helping out with laundry...
They are good at sorting through it all...  or getting into it all.
Me weighing Amber... she weighs 13 lbs.

Sent: Friday, March 09, 2007 10:24 AM
Subject: Girls and laundry

As you have guessed, it is that time again to down load my camera. My camera is full and Emily's birthday party is tomorrow. So I thought I would send a few of these cute pictures of things that have been going on here... for the last month.

The first picture, basically just shows how strong Amber is getting, it was from 1/30/07. Lindsey is always doing funny or crazy things and then says, take a picture of this..... Last time I had more pictures of Lauren and Amber, and this time I have more of Lindsey and Amber. Emily is usually at school during these times, so she gets cut out of them I guess.

Then there is a sunset that Emily loved and wanted a picture of because it was "so beautiful" that we had to get several.

I have more pictures to come... so sit tight!

Snow Girls

Sent: Friday, March 09, 2007 10:31 AM
Subject: Snow Girls

Sorry I forgot to tell you, the last set I sent, the one of Amber in the pink toy bathtub is my weighing method I do with our postal scales here.... she was weighing in at 13 lbs that day.

Now this is pictures of the girls from when we had snow, in the middle of Feb. They built a snow man and called him Frosty. They then wanted to eat snow and have pictures of it, I told them how dirty it was...since they really just scooped it off the grass. Emily found that out, she was spitting out grass and dirt. (You can maybe see on the side of her mouth it is all dirty from her spitting out the gross snow for real. The other girls were just playing.)

More pictures on the way....

Emily's patriotic program and pics of Lindsey & Amber

Sent: Friday, March 09, 2007 10:40 AM
Subject: Emily's program

Here are a few cute picture of Lindsey and Amber.

Emily had a program for Presidents Day. She did really good, had a speaking part and singing and all, you would never know she was shy. She passed off all the songs and her part to her teacher. They sang several songs.... God Bless America, God Bless the USA, Yankey Doodle, That's my Flag, America the Beautiful, and probably at least 3 more songs that I can't think of right now. They also named off all the Pres. starting with George Washington down to our current Bush. She did a fantastic job. Robert was in Texas or headed that way, so he missed it.

One more bunch to go.....

Spring time fun

Sent: Friday, March 09, 2007 10:56 AM

Subject: Mud Girls
The first picture is of all the girls, Amber wasn't too thrilled about it all, but the other girls wanted me to keep taking pictures....

About 2 weeks ago, the cat found a new bed for himself.... we keep shoo-ing him out but he just keeps coming back in. So far he hasn't been in there with Amber so that is nice. It is funny I will hear Lindsey or Lauren yelling "shoo, shoo, you shoo out of there now... shoo, shoo GATO, Shoo!!" He isn't too threatened by their words.

The picture of Amber in this one I just love, not sure if it is her angle or the flower or what..... I just love it though!

Two days ago was a nice somewhat warm sunny day. The girls were going around looking at the "signs of spring" sprouting bulbs, crawling of bugs, and so on. I have a flower bed that doesn't get much water during the winter, it is under an overhang from our upstairs so it is pretty sheltered and all. So I normally will throw snow on it when we get snow or water it from time to time. So being a nice day, I hooked the hose up and thought I better water the dry bed. We have crocus coming up and blooming but only about half that should be there. The girls then decided to water my other plants. I told them sure go ahead. I gave them a watering can and shut the hose off. They came back in for a few big cups for more water. (Everyone needs their own.) They used the faucet outside. Next thing I hear is Emily and her friend yelling saying don't touch us, my mom will be so mad! I look out the door, to find Lindsey and Lauren covered in mud. They watered their little mud hole they dig in during the summer.

It was funny when I was trying to take their picture, Lindsey wanted to put her hand on Lauren's shoulder. Lauren was freaking out saying, "You are too muddy, don't touch me!" They finally agreed on holding hands. You can't really see it great but Lindsey has two hand prints on her back. I was laughing. Robert came home during the end of their play time.
Poor girls I was washing their feet so they could come in the house... the water was just freezing.... I was having numb hands from just wiping their feet clean. It couldn't have bothered them too much because they continued to play in the mud.

Well that is about all I have that looked good. I am sure after Emily's party we will have more pictures. She is having a cowgirl party. She is really excited.

Love to all,

Karla and family