Friday, March 9, 2007

Spring time fun

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Subject: Mud Girls
The first picture is of all the girls, Amber wasn't too thrilled about it all, but the other girls wanted me to keep taking pictures....

About 2 weeks ago, the cat found a new bed for himself.... we keep shoo-ing him out but he just keeps coming back in. So far he hasn't been in there with Amber so that is nice. It is funny I will hear Lindsey or Lauren yelling "shoo, shoo, you shoo out of there now... shoo, shoo GATO, Shoo!!" He isn't too threatened by their words.

The picture of Amber in this one I just love, not sure if it is her angle or the flower or what..... I just love it though!

Two days ago was a nice somewhat warm sunny day. The girls were going around looking at the "signs of spring" sprouting bulbs, crawling of bugs, and so on. I have a flower bed that doesn't get much water during the winter, it is under an overhang from our upstairs so it is pretty sheltered and all. So I normally will throw snow on it when we get snow or water it from time to time. So being a nice day, I hooked the hose up and thought I better water the dry bed. We have crocus coming up and blooming but only about half that should be there. The girls then decided to water my other plants. I told them sure go ahead. I gave them a watering can and shut the hose off. They came back in for a few big cups for more water. (Everyone needs their own.) They used the faucet outside. Next thing I hear is Emily and her friend yelling saying don't touch us, my mom will be so mad! I look out the door, to find Lindsey and Lauren covered in mud. They watered their little mud hole they dig in during the summer.

It was funny when I was trying to take their picture, Lindsey wanted to put her hand on Lauren's shoulder. Lauren was freaking out saying, "You are too muddy, don't touch me!" They finally agreed on holding hands. You can't really see it great but Lindsey has two hand prints on her back. I was laughing. Robert came home during the end of their play time.
Poor girls I was washing their feet so they could come in the house... the water was just freezing.... I was having numb hands from just wiping their feet clean. It couldn't have bothered them too much because they continued to play in the mud.

Well that is about all I have that looked good. I am sure after Emily's party we will have more pictures. She is having a cowgirl party. She is really excited.

Love to all,

Karla and family

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