Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New treatment for our family to be

Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 12:34 PM
Subject: Kinda funny - and ironic I guess too
Hey there,

I was at the doctors today to talk about my results back from the progesterone test I took about a week ago. The test was to check my levels of hormones (progesterone-which aids in ovulation and also supports fetus until placenta takes over). My level was a whopping 5 which is low. I guess clinically the levels are from 6-24 but they like them at 15 or above. Dr. said that this low hormone makes it hard to become pregnant and yet then once you are pregnant it is needed to support the fetus for almost the whole first trimester. Which to me means, it might not have been just a "genetic" thing but more of a hormonal thing in that I couldn't support previous babies. (I am guessing probably because there were so many babies in there that I just couldn't support them ALL with my low hormone so I m/c.)

The ironic thing is that now we are on (or will be in a few days) fertility drugs. But have no fear, I read on the internet that it only increases multiple births and most commonly twins in 10% of the time, and the doctor stated it was more like 5% of the time. So I am sure we are okay with this treatment and not having twins again or any other form of multiples. We will be taking Clomid, which says it helps to release one or MORE mature eggs. I feel confident in this treatment.

I may be crazy but if we do have multiples again, I can probably say we are DONE for sure. I just hope a boy is sent if there is multiples.

It seems so funny that things worked so well before and now all of a sudden I have a hormone problem that I have to get treated for. I was telling the doctor that we have been pregnant 3 times but it just doesn't seem to stick. I am glad that I went in for the tests and we have a solution hopefully. We have been off of any BC since May 2004. Seems kind of crazy when I think of it. Hopefully this will work like it is suppose to and help us finish our family. Recently I am feeling really old to be having kids and want to be done with it and all.

Well that it about all for me today.... quite an adventure through this. We will start our treatment (or my treatment) this week and then go back for lab work to check my levels again and then possibly have to up the dose of clomid depending on all things. When this baby or babies if I dare say, do come it will be an expensive one, since I don't believe my insurance will cover all this infertility stuff. Oh well.... it will be just a month to month thing for a while, have to wait for those special windows to get labs or take meds.... I will keep you updated on the discoveries and all that. Hope to be having an official announcement in a few months to come.

Talk at you all soon. Love to you all there!


Tuesday, October 4, 2005


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Here are some pictures of our prize winning (okay so we think it was) watermelon we grew in our garden. Emily earlier this spring wanted to grow watermelons and I was like yeah whatever, like they grow here... it turns out they do.

This was our first one we picked, and the first one that grew. It weighed in at 36.5 pounds, which is about what the little girls weigh. Pretty crazy huh! It was really yummy, but we gave half of it away since we couldn't eat it all. Still have 4 more to pick.