Friday, August 28, 2009

Entertainment Happenings 2010 books

Just for your info... perhaps the WHOLE school district is doing it, but my girls are selling the Entertainment Happenings 2010 books. Looks like most coupons expire in Nov 2010. Most coupons are Buy one get one free. There are also some coupons for 10-25% off different retail places and online or catalog retail.

They are $20 if anyone is interested. The books are pretty big if you are not familiar with them. The sections in the books are: Dining out, Casual & Family Dining, Fast Food and Carry out, Sports and Entertainment, Retail & Services, Hotel & Travel. It looks like a little phone book. Let me know if you want one. These are for the Utah area, but there are ones for other areas (states) if you are interested.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First day of School

School started for my girls on the 2oth of August. They were extremely excited to go back to school. That morning the girls all had upset stomaches, from being nervous. Lindsey and Lauren were going to a brand new school and Emily was staying at the old school in the ALL program, which will be a new experence for her as well.

Most of the back to school stuff has been just a headache... the new school was done like 2 days before school started, and by done I mean just done enough to have school. Some of the bathrooms aren't finished, the library isn't finished, they don't have a full functioning kitchen, so they are doing sack lunches for kids that take a school lunch. The playground isn't done, and the kids have to stay off the grass. Seems like such a pain. The class lists were to be posted on the 15th (sat) but when we went over, Lindsey and Lauren were not on the list anywhere. Of course being Sat. the school office was closed. We went back on Monday, but when we got there they were having a "school meeting" outside of the school and we had to wait there so I could even talk to someone.

Finally when I talked to someone, they said there were a lot of kids missing. No worries, write down the info and they will take care of it and let me know what class and what schedule they are on. Then the day before school came, I went over there to see the supposidly "new" lists they were to post, and NOTHING! Still no Hayes girls on there. I went back to the office, and she told me which teachers and tracks. Great, so now it is like 4pm on the day before school and we have the info. They had no back to school night, it is scheduled for the 2nd of September. I am sure that is why my girls were so nervous about it all.

Lindsey and Lauren got the early track, track A. Somehow Emily ended up on track B. Makes my life a little complicated. Although Lindsey and Lauren are able to ride the bus since we live more than a mile away from the school. Emily would normally too, but because she is going to the other school for the special program (Accelerated Learing Lab) then they do provide transportation.

I thought about trading Lindsey and Lauren to the B track... but I ended up leaving them on the A. Maybe that was a bad choice. We will see.

This is the girls first day of school... Amber was even wanting to get her first day back at school pics. I wanted to get a picture of Lindsey and Lauren at their new school, but I haven't done that yet. Their school is a 2 story school, and their class is on the second floor this year. They think it is pretty sweet!!

Emily goes to school an hour and 15 minutes after the twins do so she was just getting out of bed when the girls where going to class.

Here is Amber already for school... but she didn't really go to school, well she did to Emily's school to drop her off.

Oh and yes, how could I forget. I couldn't remember which girl had which teacher so when we got to school I thought I would just go into each class to see which girl she had. Neither of the teachers had any info on the girls... so we head back down stairs to the office, wait there forever... then go see if maybe there is a list outside now. The list is posted, I check to see which girl has which teacher. We go back upstairs... go to the classes and drop off the correct girl in the correct classroom.

The girls had all sorts of stories to tell when they got home about what the did and who they saw that they knew from church or the old school. Emily didn't want to be a Track B person, but at the end of the day, she told me she did since she had a friend that was a B track and was good with being on the B track. I was going to see if I could switch her so that all the kids would be the same.
With all the school stuff done, the only problems I am having is nap time. Normally Amber takes an afternoon nap, around 1 or 2 and sleeps for about 3 hours. Samantha takes a nap in the morning and then one in the afternoon at about 2 or 3 for about 2 hours. Unfortanetly that leaves the girls napping and being woke up from their nap to go get Emily. I tried the first day to have them take their nap after, but we didn't get back until almost 4, and it was 4 by the time I put the girls down for their nap. Samantha didn't go back to sleep that night until about 9:15 and Amber was still going strong at 10:30 when I finally convinced her to stay in her own bed and BE QUIET and not wake up Lindsey anymore. (That isn't going to work anymore to put the girls down for naps so late!) Robert suggested leaving one of the twins here with the sleeping babies and take the other girl with me to eliminate fighting while I was gone. I am not really comfortable with leaving one of them here, but I am not sure what else is going to work. The school is over a mile away, and Emily would have to come home on the very busy road... which isn't an option either... I got myself stuck in a corner again!! I am sure something will work out.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lagoon Trip

We planned a last minute Lagoon trip. It seems like it was a Sunday night and Robert was talking to me about going on Tuesday to Lagoon. Monday I went to Costco and got some discount tickets and Tuesday we were off. We joined Robert's parents and 2 of his sister's kids.

The big kids started off on the roller coasters. Big kids being: Robert, Emily, Lindsey, Lauren, nephew Brady, and niece Jaycie. I stayed with the little girls, and Robert's parents. First they went on the white wooden roller coaster. Robert called me and said they were in line for the Spider (another roller coaster) but Lauren was not wanting to go, so he wanted me to go pick her up. I left the little girls with Robert's mom, and ran to get Lauren. (Robert said, "You better hurry because we are almost to the front of the line.") I get there, and they are the next one to get on. I grab Lauren and take her back with me to the smaller kids rides.

After we get back, I get another phone call.... Lindsey doesn't want to do anymore roller coasters, Robert is bringing her back to me.

I now have the little girls and the twins. Next I get another call.... bet you can't guess, Emily is done riding roller coasters and now Grandpa is bringing her back. (Grandpa had caught up with them to see what they were up to.) Now I have all my girls.

Before we got the roller coaster riders back, I took Amber on a ride that she totally hated. I think it was called Odysee or something like that. It was like a big octopus and you sit in these little fish that go up on down on your control, but it was too high and moved too fast up and down for Amber. We then went to a kiddy ride, some little whale ride. I thought Amber and Samantha would be fine on it... they both cried the whole time mostly.

By this time I had gotten a call from Robert so the kids where just sitting in the stroller waiting for me to get back.

Lindsey and Lauren were fine to ride on the kiddy rides, but Emily was too tall for most of them. The girls rode on several rides. Amber rode continually on the little boats. That was her favorite ride. She asked today when we saw the pictures, "can we go back to the zoo so I can ride on the boats again?" (She keeps calling Lagoon the zoo.)

Emily did like the Wild Mouse roller coaster. She went on it once, and then kept wanting to go back. Lindsey and Lauren decided to go too, so Brady and Jaycie went with us. I rode with Lindsey and when we were done, she had a major bloody nose. (Her 3rd one that day!) I told her she was done with fast moving rides. She had a puddle of blood in her hands as she was holding her nose and walking to the bathrooms. Poor girl!

The bigger girls also liked the Tidal Wave (the boat that swings back and forth), the swings, and of course the carousel (who doesn't like the carousel?).

We also rode on the log ride. Amber had fallen asleep in the line while we waited, and then I woke her up when we were getting in the log. She didn't really care for the drop at the end. Her little heart was beating really fast. Wasn't a very nice ride to take her on I guess. Samantha was sleeping, so she stayed with Grandma.

Robert felt bad for me because I was with the kids in the kiddy land the whole time. I didn't really mind, because it is for them that we went pretty much anyway. I enjoyed their excitement and looks on their faces as they rode their favorite rides over and over again. It made me realize all those times that my parents took us to Disneyland and Magic Mountain... and stayed in the kiddy rides with me and my siblings that were too little to ride the big ones. I thought my poor parents, I didn't ever think about it, but someone had to stay with us. One more thing I am made aware of now that I am a mom/parent. My eyes are yet again opened!

Samantha and Amber on Bulgy the Whale and crying...

Lauren and Lindsey riding on the helicopters...

Lindsey riding the cars with Amber....

Emily and Lindsey on the little roller coaster, Puff the dragon?...

Samantha didn't really take to the rides at all, especially not the boats, or maybe it was the lady putting her on it? She sat there and I took her right back off. Poor Samantha!

Amber riding the boats for the 100th time.... (it seemed)

Robert in line with Amber for the carousel...

Amber on her horse...

Amber told me, "I want to ride with him!" So she did...

Emily and Jaycie on the space something... I remember it being the scrambler at fairs. I went with Lindsey and we were the car behind them.

Robert and Brady decided to do the Sling Shot, which is just that... it slings you up in the air and you bounce up and down for a little while. It is one of those extra rides Xtreme rides or something, that you have to pay extra for. They had a blast!

When we were leaving Lagoon I wasn't feeling really all the good. I was feeling abit sick. I hadn't been on much, but the last few rides really did me in. They were the spinning type rides, and I don't do those very well. I was really afraid I was going to throw up.
Robert and I also got our tickets stamped or whatever it is to "bounce back" for $9. We ended up coming back after work on day. We got to ride all the roller coasters and even left an hour before closing. It wasn't as fun as I remember it being... I guess it will be fun again when the kids are all older and they are excited about it. I got off a ride and it was like, yeah that was fun... now what? I remember the excitement when I was younger getting off a ride, "let's do it again!!" Or the times we would stay till closing, and the crowds where gone and you could practically walk on to any ride. My brothers and I would RUN to each ride so we could be sure to ride them all again. This wasn't quite like that.
Going home, I didn't feel really well that night either and we didn't even ride on anything that went around and around like I did before. I guess I am not much of a rider anymore... I guess my place will be with the kids in the kiddy area. That is okay with me. I told Robert I should have taken some motion sickness pills before we went. Robert decided I wouldn't do very well deep sea fishing. That's okay with me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last week we got our pictures done by ADbug... here is one of the pics. I have a button on the side of my blog that will link you to her site. She is SO good! She is so creative with her pictures. I LOVE her baby pics. It almost makes me want to have another baby for her to do pics with. She is so talented! I can't wait to get them all back!

Monday, August 17, 2009


When we were in WA I noticed that Lindsey was having problems saying her "r" sounds. She was riding the pony Rainy and calling her "Yainy" which made me notice her r's are sounding like y's much of the time.

I have been talking with her and we have been working on it but we still get things like, "can I have a piece of byead?" and "when can we have yoles again?" Sometimes it takes some asking to see what she is talking about...

We were at Costco one day and the girls noticed a hawk circling around in the sky. The girls thought it was kind of odd for a hawk to be in the city. I told the girls that there were some little farms near by with horses and probably other little animals like mice. Lindsey then said, "yeah maybe it sees a yabbit." I did what I normally do, repeat what she is trying to say and have her repeat it. "Rrrrabbit, Lindsey say it with me, rrrrrabbit." Lindsey then said, "aww I should have said bunny!"

I am not sure if it is her teeth or what but I didn't notice her saying her r's as y's. I have looked on the internet about speech disorders with substitution (which is when they trade a sound for a sound that they can't make or is hard to make). I have asked Lindsey to spell words that I will say like rapid or barrel to see if she can reconize the r sound. She would always spell them with an r and not a y like she speaks it. We go to the orthodontist tomorrow so I thought I would see if he can see anything wrong in her mouth that would have an impact on her "r" sound.

What ever it is Lindsey is having fun with her Gyandma and Gyandpa but misses yiding hoyses with her othey Gyandma and Gyandpa. She is yeally excited for school to stayt so she can yide the bus again and see all her fyeinds too.

Yard Update...

Here is the latest updates of our house, from beginning to current condition. I am a little frustrated with the grass, but I think it will end up okay, I just get frustrated right now over the large bare spots due to the rain and wash out after the hydroseeding. *grrrr*

Our house when it was on the market...

Our house as of a day or so ago...

This is the side/back view of our house, prior to us buying it.

This is again, on the market picture....
and current view....

This is what our yard looked like this spring before we started doing the yard work.

This is what it looks like today....

This is before the yard work. We added to the corner of the rock walls, its hard to see but their was a bit of a gap.

This is during the winter, in our muddy yard, where Lauren got stuck in the mud.

This is a picture of our front side yard from the balcony that the kids took.

This is after our rock wall in the front and side of the yard.

Here is our trenching... for sprinklers.

More trenched yard....

Other side of yard after trenching...

Back yard, you can see the added rocks here in the corner...

South of front yard, after sprinklers where covered up.


back yard curbing and future cement slab/patio

More curbing and ready for the hydroseeding...

Future spot for our playground...someday... (where the bobcat is)

This is what our grass looked like when we left for Washington... beginning of July.

This is what the grass looked like beginning of July...
This is what it looked like when we got home around the 27th of July.

Back yard when we got home...
Back yard now...

Front yard when we got home... (compare to the above picture of what it looks currently)

Front North yard when we got home....
And now.... a bit of a different view, but it is coming along.

Rob has planted some seed in our back yard which seems to be the worse of the bare spots... hopefully it will all work out. We also have a bare spot along the South of our garage, I guess the sprinklers there aren't working out good or something. Looking at the whole picture, it is a big improvement... Can't wait to get PLANTS in here. Although that will have to wait until next year. *sigh*
Sorry, I tried and tried to fix the gaps and the formatting but couldn't make it work out... Sorry!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thumb sucking

When Amber was a baby, she depending on a pacifier. Before she was a year old we were expecting a new baby (Samantha) and I was afraid we would have pacifier problems if that new baby had a pacifier too. We took Amber's pacifier away, and it turned out that Samantha sucked her thumb.

I am not sure what has happened but for some reason in the last 3 or 4 weeks Amber has started sucker her thumb. At first I thought she was just doing it to be silly, but now she does it all the time. She even was sucking it the other day to go to sleep in the car. We keep telling her not to and it seems to just make it worse, so I am ignoring it until I get some of that bitter stuff to paint her thumb with. I hope that will work.

Robert had told her the other day while she was watching her favorite show Baby Einsteins and sucking her thumb, "If you are going to suck your thumb we are going to have to turn off the TV." That worked for that time, but a day later Amber told me, "Mom, will you turn off Baby Einsteins so I can suck my thumb." I have tried reasoning with her, "Dr. says...." or tell her the problems it causes with teeth and thumb sucking, I talked to her about germs... and nothing seems to really matter. I thought it was a small phase she was going through, but I am not totally sure of that now.

Amber sucking her thumb and sleeping on the way to Lagoon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Robert's Race (Ragnar)

Robert ran the Ragnar race here in Utah back in June I think it was. He had a great time. He did it the year before. He runs on his work team. They have a good time and he really likes doing it. It is a relay race with 12 people, and each take 3 legs of the race, in the same order. The Utah Ragnar is like 189 miles I think.

Once he finished the Utah Ragnar, he looked and saw that there was one in WA during the time we might still be there vacationing. Well, he signed up and found a team to run with. It it mostly flat, compared to the Utah one going over Guardsman pass (I think that is what it is called). He ended up signing up with an ULTRA team which is 6 runners instead of 12. They take 2 legs together at the same time instead of just one leg.

He was to run like 24 miles I think, he figured that would be okay and he could do it. They start on Friday and run all through the day and night until they reach the end on Saturday sometime. This one in Washington started in Blaine (which is right on the border of Canada) and went done to Langley, WA which is on Whidbey Island. I was somewhere around 185 miles.

I ended up getting roped into volunteering for the race, at an exchange station, where the runners pass off the baton (slap bracelet) to the next runner. It wasn't really all the bad... I ended up staying with my sister after the volunteer time and until I was to pick up Robert the next day. I don't get to spend much time with her so it was fun and really nice. (We stayed up til like 3 just hanging out and talking.) I was at first bummed because it was the last weekend of my vacation and I didn't want to have to be up north at the race, I preferred to be with family.

As the race began, the team Robert was on found out one of their runners wasn't going to make it. Now instead of running 185 miles with 6 people, they now were doing it with 5. It put Robert's miles from like 24 to 39 miles. One guy ended up running 45 miles I think too. One of the runners had a deep bone bruise (I think that is what it was) so she wasn't able to finish her last bit of running making one of the other runners help her finish.

They were scheduled to run the race with 6 people in like 28 hours, but it ended up being 30 hours. They were ahead of schedule at the beginning of the race and even passed another Ultra team. As they got more miles in, they slowed down quite a bit. Not to mention you don't sleep real good either, if at all.

My sister went with me to pick up Robert, which was good since I was afraid I was going to fall asleep on the way there while driving. I was fighting it pretty hard anytime I was driving I was so tired. We had to take a ferry over to Whidbey Island... which I got motion sick on. I didn't throw up though! I felt better about the time we had to get back on it to go back across.

Robert had a great time racing, even though they were down a man. I wouldn't have ever been so brave to go spend 30+ hours with 5 (ended up being 4) people you don't even know. Lets just face it, some people you just don't want to be around for 30 hours straight. Never the less, he had a great time, and really enjoyed his team mates. I was glad it all worked out. One of the guys was really funny. Robert was telling me stories about him. I am glad he had such a great time. I am thinking this may be something now we go to WA for each year too, or at least him.

This is toward the end of the race...
This is their van, with their names, and then they crossed off the one that didn't make it.

I guess someone was wondering why they were an ultra team with just 6 people... they said, "don't you have more friends?" They thought that was pretty funny, so they put it on the van.

Here's the free shirt they got... well lets face it, you pay for it when you pay the $100 race fee.

For the Utah one, it was Orange and just said RUNNER because they weren't an ULTRA team. The ULTRA were green and the regular ones where orange.

This is at the beginning of the race. Some teams dress up and do crazy things. There was a RENO 911 team that was pretty funny.
They have contests on the most decorated vehicles, team names, costumes, and things like that.

Robert is also going to run in the Vegas Ragnar race in Oct. I think it is around Lake Mead. He sure likes running them. He is running the Vegas one with some runners from our ward/neighborhood area here.