Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amber and Parker

One more thing from our vacation... My brother's little boy is such a handsome boy... dark eyes and hair, lots of hair! I think Sarah said they have cut it like 2 times already. He is such a beautiful boy! We keep teasing about putting him in Samantha's clothes since they are about the same size. Kelly is not in favor in that at all.

One day, Kelly was playing with the kids, chasing them around and they were chasing him... he was jumping out windows at the house and over and under things to get away from the 4 or 5 that were chasing him. He had Parker in his arms so as he ran through the house, he handed him to me. I was holding him for a little while and then I thought I might change his clothes... I was bummed that I didn't bring any tights for Samantha... or for Parker.

My mom said he makes a really pretty girl baby.
Parker even fell asleep like this. Kelly didn't think it was very funny. Robert told me that made up for anything Kelly has ever to me and he still owes me too. Robert didn't think it was too funny. (Although he is son deprived.)

Amber made a new friend at the farm. Her and the goose Zig got along really well. The goose normally scares people because he will come after you with his head down. He isn't as bad during the summer, but when it is in the spring and it is mating season, he is AWFUL! He doesn't bother me, and I am not afraid of him. The girls sometimes have said they don't want to go outside because he is out there so I have tried to make them all be friends. The older girls want me to hold his head while they pet him so he doesn't bite them.
Amber wanted the goose in the house with her.

You can see Lindsey coming inside until she sees the goose and then she decides not to come in that door.

Kissing the goose!

Amber is trying to hug him but she is being a little too rough with him. He was still good to her.

Here's a nice hug!

Hopefully the two will be friends again when we go back to Washington. On our way home, we stopped at a rest area and there were seagulls on the bathroom roof. Amber looked and said, "There's Zig, look!" I corrected her and told her it was a seagull.

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Zig is still looking for His lil girl