Monday, August 10, 2009

The end of our vacation fun

These are just mostly random pictures of activies or fun that we had during our last part of the trip. My brother Kelly kept giving motorcycle rides for the girls. Emily didn't want to do it, and Amber wanted to go but we didn't have a helmet for her, and I wasn't too sure I wanted her to be cruising down the road at 55mph+ Kelly was really good with them and was really careful. I am just a worring mother I suppose and think about all the things that could go wrong. The girls loved it. They would sit on the merry-go-round waiting for their turn.

Samantha and Parker had quite a fun time together, sometimes. She was pushing him around in a toy shopping cart once and then it tipped knocking Parker out and she fell over him or the cart too (I wasn't there just heard about it).

The twins really loved to play with Destiny their cousins. They tried to get Samantha to sit with them too but she wasn't too happy about it. They also really enjoyed swimming all day long if we would let them.

My Aunt got my mom a little dress for her dog. My aunt has a whole wardrobe for her dogs so she got a cute little dress for my mom's puppy.

Samantha was pretty happy the whole trip. As long as she got her food, and her naps she was pretty happy and had a good time.

Many late nights were spent playing Mexican Train. We had a great time... although I maybe should have gotten more sleep since I was always feeling worn out and sleepy.

Another fun game my girls like to play and we taught Thomas and Destiny how to play is what we call the Chocolate Game. You have 2 dice, a plate with a chocolate bar still in wrapper on the plate, 2 knives (the duller the better), an oven mitt, and anything else you want to add to make it harder. You roll the dice, when you get doubles, you get to have the plate of chocolate to unwrap using only the knives. You have to first put on the oven mitt (and apron or hat or anything else you choose) before they can start unwrapping. You have until the next person rolls doubles and then you have to take all your stuff (oven mitt, and anything else you added) and give the player that just rolled doubles the plate with the knives and oven mitt. When you roll doubles, you yell "Doubles" to alert everyone that you just rolled doubles so you can get the plate of chocolate. My girls LOVE to play it. My mom even played it and those that watched thought it was pretty fun too.

I have only a few more posts and then I feel like I will be caught up on what is going on. I have some scheduled to post, but sometimes I mess those up and get the time mixed up or dates or something so they end up all posting at the same time anyway. SORRY!
We had a blast in WA. My girls still will say, "I wish we were still in WA." I tell them, "yeah, me too!"
It is good to be home in a different way too.

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** Adrian ** said...

I have LOVED reading about your vacation!!! I must admit, I'm a little jealous, too! It looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time! You're such a fun Mom!! :D