Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thumb sucking

When Amber was a baby, she depending on a pacifier. Before she was a year old we were expecting a new baby (Samantha) and I was afraid we would have pacifier problems if that new baby had a pacifier too. We took Amber's pacifier away, and it turned out that Samantha sucked her thumb.

I am not sure what has happened but for some reason in the last 3 or 4 weeks Amber has started sucker her thumb. At first I thought she was just doing it to be silly, but now she does it all the time. She even was sucking it the other day to go to sleep in the car. We keep telling her not to and it seems to just make it worse, so I am ignoring it until I get some of that bitter stuff to paint her thumb with. I hope that will work.

Robert had told her the other day while she was watching her favorite show Baby Einsteins and sucking her thumb, "If you are going to suck your thumb we are going to have to turn off the TV." That worked for that time, but a day later Amber told me, "Mom, will you turn off Baby Einsteins so I can suck my thumb." I have tried reasoning with her, "Dr. says...." or tell her the problems it causes with teeth and thumb sucking, I talked to her about germs... and nothing seems to really matter. I thought it was a small phase she was going through, but I am not totally sure of that now.

Amber sucking her thumb and sleeping on the way to Lagoon.


Jamie said...

That is the sweetest picture but I know the thumbsucking fears. we had the youngest 2 doing that. Mason's stopped when we gave his blankie at age 5!!! terrible. Samantha. we made a chain and every day she could go without sucking we would cut off a link, if she sucked we would add a link. When the chain was gone she got to go to the dollar store.
I would not continue to tell her about the teeth problems. They don't care and it can become a battle of wills. I would paint the nasty stuff and see but I wouldn't say much about it. Our Dr. said to say very little and give choices that encourage her to stop. so good luck.

Marie said...

Avery is almost 5 and she sucks her thumb. We put socks on her hands and night for a while so she couldn't suck at night and that helped a little. She's allowed to suck her thumb at her mom's house so there's not much we can do about it during the short time she's with us. Good luck.