Monday, August 17, 2009


When we were in WA I noticed that Lindsey was having problems saying her "r" sounds. She was riding the pony Rainy and calling her "Yainy" which made me notice her r's are sounding like y's much of the time.

I have been talking with her and we have been working on it but we still get things like, "can I have a piece of byead?" and "when can we have yoles again?" Sometimes it takes some asking to see what she is talking about...

We were at Costco one day and the girls noticed a hawk circling around in the sky. The girls thought it was kind of odd for a hawk to be in the city. I told the girls that there were some little farms near by with horses and probably other little animals like mice. Lindsey then said, "yeah maybe it sees a yabbit." I did what I normally do, repeat what she is trying to say and have her repeat it. "Rrrrabbit, Lindsey say it with me, rrrrrabbit." Lindsey then said, "aww I should have said bunny!"

I am not sure if it is her teeth or what but I didn't notice her saying her r's as y's. I have looked on the internet about speech disorders with substitution (which is when they trade a sound for a sound that they can't make or is hard to make). I have asked Lindsey to spell words that I will say like rapid or barrel to see if she can reconize the r sound. She would always spell them with an r and not a y like she speaks it. We go to the orthodontist tomorrow so I thought I would see if he can see anything wrong in her mouth that would have an impact on her "r" sound.

What ever it is Lindsey is having fun with her Gyandma and Gyandpa but misses yiding hoyses with her othey Gyandma and Gyandpa. She is yeally excited for school to stayt so she can yide the bus again and see all her fyeinds too.

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jamie said...

when RAchel was in speech therapy we used a mirror. I would model the way my mouth looked saying the "r" sound and then she would try to make her mouth look the same in the mirror and repeat it. we played matching games with "r" words and used the mirror. It worked great but she was younger at the time than Lindsay is now.

Love the "aw, I should have said bunny" so cute. great kid logic.