Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lagoon Trip

We planned a last minute Lagoon trip. It seems like it was a Sunday night and Robert was talking to me about going on Tuesday to Lagoon. Monday I went to Costco and got some discount tickets and Tuesday we were off. We joined Robert's parents and 2 of his sister's kids.

The big kids started off on the roller coasters. Big kids being: Robert, Emily, Lindsey, Lauren, nephew Brady, and niece Jaycie. I stayed with the little girls, and Robert's parents. First they went on the white wooden roller coaster. Robert called me and said they were in line for the Spider (another roller coaster) but Lauren was not wanting to go, so he wanted me to go pick her up. I left the little girls with Robert's mom, and ran to get Lauren. (Robert said, "You better hurry because we are almost to the front of the line.") I get there, and they are the next one to get on. I grab Lauren and take her back with me to the smaller kids rides.

After we get back, I get another phone call.... Lindsey doesn't want to do anymore roller coasters, Robert is bringing her back to me.

I now have the little girls and the twins. Next I get another call.... bet you can't guess, Emily is done riding roller coasters and now Grandpa is bringing her back. (Grandpa had caught up with them to see what they were up to.) Now I have all my girls.

Before we got the roller coaster riders back, I took Amber on a ride that she totally hated. I think it was called Odysee or something like that. It was like a big octopus and you sit in these little fish that go up on down on your control, but it was too high and moved too fast up and down for Amber. We then went to a kiddy ride, some little whale ride. I thought Amber and Samantha would be fine on it... they both cried the whole time mostly.

By this time I had gotten a call from Robert so the kids where just sitting in the stroller waiting for me to get back.

Lindsey and Lauren were fine to ride on the kiddy rides, but Emily was too tall for most of them. The girls rode on several rides. Amber rode continually on the little boats. That was her favorite ride. She asked today when we saw the pictures, "can we go back to the zoo so I can ride on the boats again?" (She keeps calling Lagoon the zoo.)

Emily did like the Wild Mouse roller coaster. She went on it once, and then kept wanting to go back. Lindsey and Lauren decided to go too, so Brady and Jaycie went with us. I rode with Lindsey and when we were done, she had a major bloody nose. (Her 3rd one that day!) I told her she was done with fast moving rides. She had a puddle of blood in her hands as she was holding her nose and walking to the bathrooms. Poor girl!

The bigger girls also liked the Tidal Wave (the boat that swings back and forth), the swings, and of course the carousel (who doesn't like the carousel?).

We also rode on the log ride. Amber had fallen asleep in the line while we waited, and then I woke her up when we were getting in the log. She didn't really care for the drop at the end. Her little heart was beating really fast. Wasn't a very nice ride to take her on I guess. Samantha was sleeping, so she stayed with Grandma.

Robert felt bad for me because I was with the kids in the kiddy land the whole time. I didn't really mind, because it is for them that we went pretty much anyway. I enjoyed their excitement and looks on their faces as they rode their favorite rides over and over again. It made me realize all those times that my parents took us to Disneyland and Magic Mountain... and stayed in the kiddy rides with me and my siblings that were too little to ride the big ones. I thought my poor parents, I didn't ever think about it, but someone had to stay with us. One more thing I am made aware of now that I am a mom/parent. My eyes are yet again opened!

Samantha and Amber on Bulgy the Whale and crying...

Lauren and Lindsey riding on the helicopters...

Lindsey riding the cars with Amber....

Emily and Lindsey on the little roller coaster, Puff the dragon?...

Samantha didn't really take to the rides at all, especially not the boats, or maybe it was the lady putting her on it? She sat there and I took her right back off. Poor Samantha!

Amber riding the boats for the 100th time.... (it seemed)

Robert in line with Amber for the carousel...

Amber on her horse...

Amber told me, "I want to ride with him!" So she did...

Emily and Jaycie on the space something... I remember it being the scrambler at fairs. I went with Lindsey and we were the car behind them.

Robert and Brady decided to do the Sling Shot, which is just that... it slings you up in the air and you bounce up and down for a little while. It is one of those extra rides Xtreme rides or something, that you have to pay extra for. They had a blast!

When we were leaving Lagoon I wasn't feeling really all the good. I was feeling abit sick. I hadn't been on much, but the last few rides really did me in. They were the spinning type rides, and I don't do those very well. I was really afraid I was going to throw up.
Robert and I also got our tickets stamped or whatever it is to "bounce back" for $9. We ended up coming back after work on day. We got to ride all the roller coasters and even left an hour before closing. It wasn't as fun as I remember it being... I guess it will be fun again when the kids are all older and they are excited about it. I got off a ride and it was like, yeah that was fun... now what? I remember the excitement when I was younger getting off a ride, "let's do it again!!" Or the times we would stay till closing, and the crowds where gone and you could practically walk on to any ride. My brothers and I would RUN to each ride so we could be sure to ride them all again. This wasn't quite like that.
Going home, I didn't feel really well that night either and we didn't even ride on anything that went around and around like I did before. I guess I am not much of a rider anymore... I guess my place will be with the kids in the kiddy area. That is okay with me. I told Robert I should have taken some motion sickness pills before we went. Robert decided I wouldn't do very well deep sea fishing. That's okay with me.


ChasingChasey said...

The last time we went to Disneyland, Brad threw up after riding a few rides. We are just getting old I guess! Its all about the kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

Karla Girl, one day you wake up and Karla is gone and MOM is there. MOM stays for lots of years then POP, Karla Girl is back, and you start looking for little ones that you can spend some time with. It's really all about the little ones. MOM and Dad is just there to help. Enjoy your time with the little ones too soon they are gone...Luv ya Dad

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