Saturday, August 22, 2009

First day of School

School started for my girls on the 2oth of August. They were extremely excited to go back to school. That morning the girls all had upset stomaches, from being nervous. Lindsey and Lauren were going to a brand new school and Emily was staying at the old school in the ALL program, which will be a new experence for her as well.

Most of the back to school stuff has been just a headache... the new school was done like 2 days before school started, and by done I mean just done enough to have school. Some of the bathrooms aren't finished, the library isn't finished, they don't have a full functioning kitchen, so they are doing sack lunches for kids that take a school lunch. The playground isn't done, and the kids have to stay off the grass. Seems like such a pain. The class lists were to be posted on the 15th (sat) but when we went over, Lindsey and Lauren were not on the list anywhere. Of course being Sat. the school office was closed. We went back on Monday, but when we got there they were having a "school meeting" outside of the school and we had to wait there so I could even talk to someone.

Finally when I talked to someone, they said there were a lot of kids missing. No worries, write down the info and they will take care of it and let me know what class and what schedule they are on. Then the day before school came, I went over there to see the supposidly "new" lists they were to post, and NOTHING! Still no Hayes girls on there. I went back to the office, and she told me which teachers and tracks. Great, so now it is like 4pm on the day before school and we have the info. They had no back to school night, it is scheduled for the 2nd of September. I am sure that is why my girls were so nervous about it all.

Lindsey and Lauren got the early track, track A. Somehow Emily ended up on track B. Makes my life a little complicated. Although Lindsey and Lauren are able to ride the bus since we live more than a mile away from the school. Emily would normally too, but because she is going to the other school for the special program (Accelerated Learing Lab) then they do provide transportation.

I thought about trading Lindsey and Lauren to the B track... but I ended up leaving them on the A. Maybe that was a bad choice. We will see.

This is the girls first day of school... Amber was even wanting to get her first day back at school pics. I wanted to get a picture of Lindsey and Lauren at their new school, but I haven't done that yet. Their school is a 2 story school, and their class is on the second floor this year. They think it is pretty sweet!!

Emily goes to school an hour and 15 minutes after the twins do so she was just getting out of bed when the girls where going to class.

Here is Amber already for school... but she didn't really go to school, well she did to Emily's school to drop her off.

Oh and yes, how could I forget. I couldn't remember which girl had which teacher so when we got to school I thought I would just go into each class to see which girl she had. Neither of the teachers had any info on the girls... so we head back down stairs to the office, wait there forever... then go see if maybe there is a list outside now. The list is posted, I check to see which girl has which teacher. We go back upstairs... go to the classes and drop off the correct girl in the correct classroom.

The girls had all sorts of stories to tell when they got home about what the did and who they saw that they knew from church or the old school. Emily didn't want to be a Track B person, but at the end of the day, she told me she did since she had a friend that was a B track and was good with being on the B track. I was going to see if I could switch her so that all the kids would be the same.
With all the school stuff done, the only problems I am having is nap time. Normally Amber takes an afternoon nap, around 1 or 2 and sleeps for about 3 hours. Samantha takes a nap in the morning and then one in the afternoon at about 2 or 3 for about 2 hours. Unfortanetly that leaves the girls napping and being woke up from their nap to go get Emily. I tried the first day to have them take their nap after, but we didn't get back until almost 4, and it was 4 by the time I put the girls down for their nap. Samantha didn't go back to sleep that night until about 9:15 and Amber was still going strong at 10:30 when I finally convinced her to stay in her own bed and BE QUIET and not wake up Lindsey anymore. (That isn't going to work anymore to put the girls down for naps so late!) Robert suggested leaving one of the twins here with the sleeping babies and take the other girl with me to eliminate fighting while I was gone. I am not really comfortable with leaving one of them here, but I am not sure what else is going to work. The school is over a mile away, and Emily would have to come home on the very busy road... which isn't an option either... I got myself stuck in a corner again!! I am sure something will work out.

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Amy Sorensen said...

Glad their first day of school went so well!

I remember those school-interferes-with-naps days. I did just what was suggested and let one child stay home with the sleeping baby. They had my cell phone number memorized and, at the beginning, I would call the house from the garage and keep the child at home on the phone with me the whole time I was gone. It turned out just fine! It is hard to take the first step of leaving your kids at home by themselves.