Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach Trip

We planned our beach trip based on when everyone was available to go...  it seems like in the past we plan it on when the weather will be nice too.  We didn't really consider the weather.  Since it had been like mid 90's we figured it would all work out okay.  It was very overcast and foggy looking, the wind of course was blowing and a nice mist in the air, most had jackets on.  I think all the kids except my two little ones went into the water and got DRENCHED!  The weather didn't stop them.
We found ourselves at Ocean Shores, we normally go to Seaside.  Nice thing about the WA beach, you can drive on the beach, so it made it nice for Larry who broke his ankle.
We had TONS of leftover hot dogs and buns from our 4th of July get together.  We took them and had a little bbq on the beach as well.
The kids all had a good time.  We brought chairs, blankets, towels... all the needed things for the beach.
Even the older girls seemed to be having a good time.  They were on the lookout for "hot guys" although Chloe saw one and then realized, it was her Uncle Kelly.  LOL
Aunt Tracy ran the grill for all of us to eat.
The little ones seemed to enjoy the sand.  We got lots of fun beach toys for them to play with.
Parker did a nose dive in the sand.  Poor guy!
Larry didn't really do a whole lot... he just sat around with his leg up!  Poor Larry, 4th of July was much like that too.  He had surgery a few days before our get together.  We kept giving him a hard time about just sitting around being lazy, making his wife do everything. 

Conrad liked eating the sand...  It seems like all babies do.  It is so gritty and weird.  I think it is all good until it gets in their eyes... that one is no fun!
Some of even mingled with the local people there.  I hear WA has a law, "Click it or Ticket"  hehehe  Although my dad just said the officer was asking him to make a donation for the city there...  I think it would be more accurate to call it a ticket!
After a long day at the beach, it makes you really tired!  But if you notice, she is still wearing her seat belt... unlike others that went to the beach.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Manti Pagent

I wish I would have taken some pictures, I had my camera but it just never made it out of the car. 

While my parents and brother's kids were at our house we decided to go see the Manti Pagent in Manti of course.  It was so much fun!  The last time we went Emily was a little over a year.  I am glad I noticed it was the same time that my parents were here. 

I saw that the Lehi Rodeo was when they would be at the house, I thought that would be fun.  I asked my mom if I should get tickets... and then somehow I noticed that the Manti Pagent was going on too.  I talked to my mom and she thought that would be fun too.  We skipped the rodeo and did the pagent instead. 

I called around and finally found a motel in Ephrium.  Robert's parents and his niece came with us too.  We went Thursday and came home Friday. 

When we were driving through Ephrium, I was realizing I forgot to get the address (or even the name of the motel).  I told Robert and he kind of joked, "how hard can it be to find it?"  We drove through the town and had to turn around to go back again.  We saw one place and I figured it was it but it didn't look like the picture completely.  It was it though... they had our reservations.

At the pagent, Amber couldn't be quiet...  "are those bats?"  I told her yes, they are looking for food.  "What do they eat?"  I told her stuff like bugs that fly in the air that the bats catch.  I also reminded her of the bats at the zoo we have seen that eat fruit.  Amber looks and me really funny and says, "What kind of fruit is flying fruit?"  Aww, she was cracking me up! 

Later there is a part that fire comes out of the rocks in the program.  Amber says, "are they going to explode on us?"  I told her no, it was just pretend and it was more like a match.  When the fire went out she asked, "Who blew out the match?" 

Another part of the program Jesus appears, Amber asks in her really loud voice, "Is that the REAL Jesus?" 

She was cracking me up!  Although after it was all over, she was so upset and wanted to go back to our house and sleep in MY bed... she wasn't interested in going to the motel.  She did however fall asleep right away when she got in her sleeping bag on the floor in our room. 

All the girls really liked it and they asked if we could go back again next time they had it.  It was also fun to do something fun before Lindsey and Lauren's baptism.