Friday, May 15, 2009

Pirate Day

Today is the girls' Pirate Day for their "May Days." The girls missed the bus because of slow movers, and Emily said, "I wish there wasn't May Days!" As if that would have made a difference.
Lindsey cracks me up when we are taking pictures. She is always making some weird face or looking goofy! I use to tell her to stop, but now I just know that is Lindsey. I am sure someday she will ask why I let her do that. It just shows who Lindsey is, and I love it!

I thought they needed some gold, after all... they are pirates! When my family came to visit, my brother and his wife brought some gold chocolate coins. Can you believe we still had a few left? This is all that is left though, there was a pretty big bag of them. I think the girls forgot about them. I found a cellophane bag and cut it in half, taped up the open end on one of them and tied them to their belts.

We even gave the girls a tattoo. Lindsey's is cross bones from Emily and then I did a heart on Lauren's arm.

I am sure they are the best pirates at school today!!

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