Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This morning....

The kids were running late as they have been running all week. I look at the clock, it is time for them to be at the bus stop and not just leaving the house. I again tell them they need to go now. Emily asks, "can you drive us?" I look at the clock again, and decide to drive them to the bus stop instead of driving them to school.

As we get to the first stop sign, I am looking at the clock and tell them, "It is 7:30, you have missed the bus. Normally the bus comes at 7:28 on this clock."

Lindsey looks at the clock and says, "Mom, your clock is wrong, it is 2 days slow!"

I was like, what? "Two days slow huh? You are crazy Lindsey!" I say as I am laughing at her.

Emily says, "Lindsey you have been watching too much Alice in Wonderland!"

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