Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All about Samantha

It seems near impossible that Samantha is almost a year old. I can't figure out how a year has gone by already. Life is crazy!

Samantha is so fun. She is waving now, and she is even saying "hello" or maybe it is "hi" both of which what we say when we wave to her. Some days I think it sounds more like hello and then other times it seems more like hi. Who knows, maybe she is really just saying "get me food and stop waving to me already!" She is such a cheerful baby. She is always smiling. Except when I leave the room and she is not busy enough to be distracted that I am leaving and then she will cry. She settles down quick, but doesn't like the idea of me leaving. I guess it is the separation anxiety babies get.

She has the cutest smile. Which sometimes reminds me of pictures I have seen of myself as a small girl. When she smiles sometimes, when she has a really big smile she will scrunch up her nose with her smile. I didn't get a very good picture of it. It isn't something you can really make her do, she just will do it sometimes when she gets really excited. I keep trying. She will make that scrunched nose smile, I will get my camera and then she will be interested in the camera and stop smiling with her nose wrinkled up. Emily use to scrunch up her nose when she had a really big smile too, but doesn't do it really anymore. I am sure Samantha will out grow it, but I just love it when she smiles like that.

Samantha's new bedtime routine is that she has to have her blanket tag in her hand. I don't really know when it started but she has been doing it for a little while now. She will take the tag on the blanket in one hand and hold it up to her face, and then suck her thumb on the other hand. Sometimes she will even tuck the tag into her thumb sucking hand. She will cry if she doesn't have that tag. I have tried giving her other tags from other things, and some she likes and some she doesn't. I think it has to maybe be silky like this tag is on her blanket. It is a good thing we have 3 of these blankets, I hope they all still have their tags on them. I used the tags to write the girl's name on them so they would stop fighting over whose it whose.

Little Sammie is also just all over the place. She will crawl onto things that are somewhat low. Anything a little bigger than a stair step she will get onto. She got onto a plastic tote the other day, was sitting up there and then Amber knocked her off and told her she couldn't be up there because she could fall. Imagine that, she did fall when Amber pushed her. I guess Amber was right! Sam is an expert at the stairs. She will crawl up them fast! One night Robert was down stairs with Samantha, I was up putting Amber to bed. I came down was talking to Robert, went into the kitchen and then asked, "Where's Samantha?" Robert said, "Right..... oh she was right here." He started to look around and Samantha was up the stairs, and onto the second part of the stairs. (We have split stairs, you go up some stairs and then turn the corner and go up the rest of the stairs.) She was just giggling!

She has a great laugh too. I love to tickle her and just listen to her laugh. She is really ticklish too. All our kids have been pretty ticklish, with Amber being the least and Samantha being the most! She also will do her own peek-a-boo. Samantha will put her hands over her eyes and sometimes her forehead and wait and then pull them off and then laugh. She is really good with a blanket, we will play "Where's Samantha" a game that we have played with all the girls. I put a blanket over their head and then say, "where's Samantha?" and then she will pull the blanket off and I say, "there you are!" She will find me, or any of the other girls, and will then put it back on her head or one of the girls' to play again. She is fun!!

She loves to walk around holding onto someones fingers, or she will find her own thing to walk around with. She was pushing Amber's high chair around yesterday. She isn't walking on her own but I have seen her standing up at the couch and then she lets go to clap or to switch a toy from one hand to the other. She is going to be walking before I want her to. She will then have a better reach at everything. Sometimes when I am walking her around with her holding onto my fingers, I will try to sit her down so I can go do something or get something, and she just won't bend. She is like a board, won't bend to sit down. It makes it near impossible to sit her down or let go of her without her crying.

Here Samantha is in her bed, you can see her tag in her hand that she is holding up.

She still has her tag in her hand, although it is hard to see.

This is the best picture I have of her smiling big with her nose scrunched up, it isn't really good, but it is what I got. She is so funny!

Again, she has the tag, doesn't want to lose it. She will search and search until she finds it. She is crazy.

She even sometimes eats the tag. Yummy! So that is how Samantha goes to bed, and she has gotten a bit attached to the tag on her blanket in her bed. She is starting to get a bit of hair, she is our baldest baby. She is also our lightest haired baby too. I keep noticing pictures of the other girls at ages younger than Samantha and they have more hair than she does. Oh well, she will get hair someday, maybe by the time she is 2. I definitely won't be in need of cutting her hair anytime soon. (Although I am usually anti-cutting, Amber still hasn't had a hair cut yet.)
That is my little Samantha, who I love and am so glad we tried for a boy.... to get Samantha. Five kids seems a bit overwhelming, but then when I look at Samantha it all seems like it will be okay.


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

She is adorable!

Julie said...

So, so, so cute. Love your new picture on your blog. You need a few boys in that picture.