Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Days - Crazy Hair Day

The girls' first grade classes are doing "May Days" for this last month of school. They have things like Paper Airplane day, Game day, Backwards day, Hawaiian day, Western day, Cowboy day, Water day, clean up day, and so on. Today is Crazy Hair day for Lindsey and Lauren is having Pizza day since her class won the cookie dough sales so they got the pizza party.

Lindsey is telling me all about crazy hair day... "Miss Earle is even doing it, she is going to have crazy hair too! Mom can you put my hair in a pony here and then two buns here and then pig tails here?" I am trying to do other things all at the same time as most moms do in the morning before school, Samantha was hungry and wasn't gonna wait, Amber needed her diaper changed, because I was going to throw up by the smell of it if I didn't get it out of here.... so I am doing this all while try to get the girls to hurry and get on their way to the bus.

We finally come up with this, Lindsey wanted a flower in her hair. "Then put some roots over here can you do that?" Sure I guess I can maybe somehow right? Roots to a 6yr can be pretty creative.

Lindsey's looking in the mirror and she is loving it. I must admit, I was loving it! I thought she looked great.

Not only is her hair crazy but her clothes are borderline for Lindsey. She always has her "unique" sense of style. She is wearing a skirt that is a little too short so she put on some leggings, then she put on some cool argyle pink long socks, but pulled them UP over her pants. She also has plaid hot pink shoes on which I didn't capture. Yeah she is looking GOOD!

This was her hair on the first attempt to go to school. The kids missed the bus so them I made the "roots" and the other parts to her hair.

This was right as we were heading out to the bus. But they missed it and I drove them to school. While the other girls were getting out of the car Lindsey was just sitting in the car.... she was saying, "are you sure today is crazy hair day?" I really have no clue, the calendar I have is all messed up, the girls yesterday said it was Hawaiian day but then on the calendar said it was pizza day. It was Hawaiian day for Lauren but backwards day for Lindsey. So I wasn't really for sure. I then told Lindsey someone else had "green" hair so it must be. Lindsey then just sat in the car, "I don't want to go to school today, can you just take me home?" After I bribed her and tried to give her some confidence that it was going to be fine, she then tells me, "can you take the roots out of my hair, and this out of my hair, I don't want them anymore." I tell her she looks so great! I finally kind of push them down so they aren't sticking out so much and she s-l-o-w-l-y goes into the building. As I was driving off, I thought, I sure hope it really is crazy hair day!
I had to go to the store to get some socks for Emily and some more ink for my printer (there are some SUPER coupons on http://www.kraftfoods.com/ right now) to I could print them. We get to our NEW big Walmart. Amber and Samantha still have pajamas on, but I think, I will just be a minute. As I pull Samantha out, she is stinking... I changer her bum, but it is one of those all up her back... so she goes into Walmart naked. Of course I had NO extra clothes for her... I had a blanket but when I was headed out to the car I was trying to make my diaper bag smaller and I left it on the floor in the house, and I just cleaned the car out last night getting all those "extra" things out of the car, like blankets and jackets. How embarrassing, but I didn't want to go back through all the crazy construction to get clothes for Samantha to get some socks and a print cartridge. Samantha didn't really care.
So far I haven't received a call from a sad little girl saying she wanted to come home because it ISN'T crazy hair day, Samantha is clothed and napping, and I have printed my coupons, so I guess it all turned out okay.

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Julie said...

Wow! You have had a crazy day today. Was is it crazy day? Her hair was so adorable. Tell her I liked it. Your girls are so dang cute. Thanks again for coming to Mic's Eagle Court of Honor. It was nice seeing you guys.