Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha

Today is Samantha birthday! She didn't really know what was all going on, or even really care what it was for. By next year, she will be into the wrapped gifts and the cake candles. (This year we didn't even wrap anything, how sad huh!)

Here Samantha is checking out the fire on her cake. She was trying to grab it.

She wasn't really sure what to do with the cake at first. We kept giving her the ASL sign for eat. She once tried to put her face down by the cake edge and eat it like a cookie, but she took a different approach at it.

She later was even trying to eat the plate. What a mess!

All clean after a nice bath. What a happy little girl she is. What a cute smile!

The day started pretty chaotic and very eventful, but then I was thinking back a year ago, and that is how that day was too. Robert got home the night before and we were laying in bed talking over the days plans and then "snap" I think my water just broke. Next we were trying to find someone to watch kids while we went to the hospital, waiting for the okay to continue laboring, hoping not to do a c-section... so why would this day be any different. It kind of started out the same, and ended the same.... A nice reward at the end of the day. Little Samantha Kay!

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