Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Amber don't do that."

We are sitting in church during Sacrament Meeting, I have Amber on my lap facing me and facing all the people behind us. I am trying to remind her it is quiet time, and we need to be thinking about Jesus. She then puts her fingers in the corners of her mouth and makes her "scary" face.

"Amber don't do that," I whispered to her. "We need to think about Jesus."
She asks, "mom does that scare you?"
I tell her, "Yes. It is too scary for me."
She then does it again, and I tell her "NO."
She then says, "Am I freaking out all the people?" (or "Is it going to FREAK out all the people?")
I am trying not to laugh and tell her "yeah, you better not do that anymore."
She then makes a smaller "scary" face and says, "does this scare you?"
I tell her, "no."
She then said, "It won't freak the people either."

This is a sample of Amber's "scary face" (minus the chocolate).

This is another "scary face."
This is her small "scary face" that doesn't freak the people out.

Sometimes it is hard for me to focus at church when Amber is sitting on my lap, or any where near me at that. She hasn't quite mastered the "quiet time" during church.

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Karen Brothersen said...

Kyle and I were laughing at that one! I wish we were sitting behind you!