Friday, May 15, 2009

"Mom she's on my head!"

Amber is sitting watching TV as I am cleaning up the kitchen and the table. She keeps giggling and saying, "She's on my head." and then she would get up and walk around and look around the room real quietly. "Mom, she's on my head!" I am trying to figure out what she is talking about, I look at the TV and there is nothing on that makes sense to what she is saying. Then Amber says, "she's over there, isn't she so cute!"

I look, and there is a fly flying around the family room. Amber is watching it and as it slows down to land on the couch. Amber then says again, "Isn't she so cute, Mom." Then she starts talking to the fly, "Hi there, you were on my head. You can get back on my head if you want. You are so cute and and such a nice bug."

This sort of thing goes on for a little while. Then Amber sees another "bug" outside. She comes to me and says, "We have to let it in! Okay - I am going now to let it in." Luckily she can't get the exterior doors open, but I am sure that is only a matter of time.

I love Amber's personality! She is so fun! (busy but fun) You can see her posing and wanting her pictures taken below. Notice her chap stick, and the sunglasses that once she puts them on, she doesn't take off for most of the day.

Sorry about the food here in her mouth, but this is so far my best picture that shows Samantha squishing up her nose when she laughs. I love it, but it isn't a good angle to really see it good. It seems like Samantha will smile that way, and then I grab the camera and she relaxes her nose as soon as I take the picture.

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