Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lindsey's kite and Amber

Back in March, Lindsey lost a tooth. She got a few dollars, went to the dollar store and got a kite. It isn't much of a surprise that her kite never was a flyer, it just went in circles and flew upside down and ripped. I tried to tape it back together, but there was something about her kite that just wasn't right to make it fly. She wanted a picture before we threw her kite away. I am glad that she agreed with me to throw it away, at first she wanted to keep it as a decoration.

Oh and before we even flew her kite, the string was all tangled beyond fixing so I bought new kite string that cost more than her kite. Her kite was a 2 pack kite at the dollar store, the other one was a unicorn and she gave it to Emily for her birthday which I thought was really nice, she bought something for Emily with her own money. Pretty thoughtful that Lindsey is.

Amber is going through the ditches in our yard, she doesn't really care, anything to be in the yard or the dirt or just outside. Notice the blue mark on her face, that is the last of her "whiskers" from when she was being a kitty earlier in the day.

It is hard to see but she was picking rocks up, she has on in her hand.
Today I took the little girls with me when we were out look for some birthday presents for the twins. We passed a big belly dump truck and trailer... I pointed it out to Amber and said look at that big truck. She was looking at it. Then I asked, what do you think he has in his truck? She then said, "Popcorn! He is going to put them in our yard and then I will say, What a mess! It will be too much for us to eat and it will be just a mess." Silly girl!
Then we were going into a store and I said something about Amber being a "little chickie" and she quickly corrected me, "no mom, I am a little kitty, not a chickie! Meow! See." What a crazy girl she is. I love to shop with her for those reasons but she has other reasons that I don't like to shop with her. Today she kept screaming really loud and then saying, "was that really loud?" Then she would scream again and say, "you try it mom." So if you are in a store and hear a child screaming, with no crying or other symptoms of sadness or anger, it is probably Amber.

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