Saturday, May 23, 2009

Amber learns to share

Amber normally is pretty good at sharing, if you talk to her about it. Sometimes though there is nothing you can do to have her understand to share something, or that she can't take something that belongs to someone else. I have on many occasions fought with Amber on giving Samantha her blanket back or a toy that Samantha is playing with. We are working on telling her if she takes something from Samantha you have to replace it with something else. You take her ball, you give her a car... or something like that. Amber I think is doing better. She even was sharing a sucker. I know that is really something because she LOVES suckers!

This is one of my new favorites of Amber... she looks so grown up to me. I guess she is growing up... (sigh)

See her share! What a good girl.

And GATO seems to like it just fine. I guess he likes suckers just as much as Amber does.

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