Saturday, May 16, 2009

USPS complaint

My girls frequently receive letters from my parents. Both my mom and my dad will write to the girls and then send them the letter in the mail in separate envelopes so that all the girls have their own "mail" to open instead of having just one piece that has everyone's in it.
This last time my parents did this, my dad decided to send Emily some rocks. Emily LOVES rocks, we have them all over the house, in my sink, on the floor, on the counter tops... in her room in drawers and on her night stand and on her head board. They are everywhere! Robert often will step on one or trip over one and say, "Those stupid rocks! They need to go outside!"
So the mail comes, Lindsey has a letter, Lauren has one, Amber has one but none for Emily. I tell Emily that I am sure hers is coming soon and just to wait a day. (This has happened before with Lindsey's and normally it just arrives a day late.) I talk to my parents, and find out about the rocks they sent. I don't tell Emily about the rocks and we wait a few days waiting for the rocks that Emily will totally love.

They mail it on May 5th, it was priority so it should have been 2 to 3 days max. When I would talk to my parents and tell them it hadn't gotten there, I just kept thinking it will be here tomorrow. I wait the whole week with nothing. I think Emily might have even forgotten about her letter that never came.
And then today, 11 days after it had been mailed, we receive the package. EMPTY!

The box is wrapped in plastic with a "We are sorry that you didn't get the contents of your package" type of letter printed on the plastic package now wrapped around the box. It has a stamp that says "received unsealed and no contents in Salt Lake City" on the front of the box. It is obvious that there has been some sort of water damage to it, which would have made it open and dumping out the rocks.
Emily did receive the letters, which I was going to take a picture of, but she has put them away in her stash of stuff already, but they are all hard and crusty and water damaged as well. I did manage to open them and she was able to read them. Unfortunately, no rocks came though. My parents spent nearly $5 on a box of rocks that never completely arrive. Poor Emily! And then I keep wondering, WHO has her rocks now? Unbelievable!!


Wendy said...

Wierd. Are they allowed to do that and not give any refunds?

Jamie said...

I'll bet they'll just say..
"did you purchase our insurance?"
arghh!!! and poor emily is out some pretty rocks. bummer. you wonder what happened there don't you. I wonder though if they have an unclaimed dept for packages that dump their contents and they don't know where they belong. maybe you could call to see if they have anything like that and how you go about claiming since your parents can tell you what was in it.

word verification: "woryt" as in I'm a little "woryt" about using usps for my next package... maybe UPS??? hmmm....