Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Birthday for Lindsey and Lauren

The girls got oatmeal for breakfast and a toaster strudel, since I couldn't put a candle in the oatmeal. Lindsey and Lauren got a candle to blow out their first birthday wish at about 6:30 this morning. They were pretty happy about it, Emily was pretty sour about it, as she continued to be all day long about their birthday. She got breakfast in bed and 3 candles if I remember right.

Poor Samantha had a pretty hard day, we were on the go most the morning, I forgot to get shortening last night, and then Lindsey and Lauren left their birthday treats to share with their class, so I had to run to the school to drop those off. I didn't remember that I forgot the shortening until I got back from the school. So back in the car went Samantha and Amber.

Amber was happy once we got home since she wasn't stuck in a car seat anymore. She was trying her best to get up the stairs.

Then I put her into her high chair and gave her some snacks. Next thing I knew, she was fast asleep... poor thing!
Lauren wanted to have a "barbie" type cake, and Lindsey wanted a chocolate cake with 4 layers and pudding in the middle. I was like, WHAT? She then told me she wanted chocolate frosting and lots of chocolate on the top. I tried my best. Lauren's barbie turned out okay, I even made her little shirt a little more modest, giving her sleeves and a higher neckline. :)

Once I looked at the pictures, I was really bummed I didn't get a picture of Lindsey with her cake or anything, just the back of her head blowing out the candles. BUMMER! I don't know how that happened. I guess we were so rushed. I did manage to get vanilla homemade pudding (thanks Jamie for the recipe) in the cake layers, I didn't taste any of the cake, but Robert said it was good. I even made my own chocolate frosting for the first time. The frosting was really rich, but good Robert told me. Lindsey got the top two layers of the cake, which was a mini cupcake and then a jumbo cupcake. Both of them were slathered in frosting... it was for sure what she requested. She didn't even hardly eat any of it. She asked me why it had so much frosting, then she said, "oh yeah, because I said I wanted all lots of frosting on top."

I didn't even wrap presents, it seems like life has been a whirl wind for us lately. Instead of them opening up presents, we gave them little clues or riddles of what they got. Emily got them Bendaroo's (as seen on TV, the ones every kid wants!). Emily's clue was "it is colorful and stringy." They also got kites, that really work maybe too good since all of them are now tangled up with their own strings and two of them broke their strings, and one got away about 3 times. I think the kites got some attention and we got about 7 extra kids coming over to fly them and watch. Some of those kids had something to do with the one that got away so many times.
The girls also got a cotton candy machine and a snow cone machine. They are excited about those and are already making plans of making stuff to sell tomorrow after school. I think they will have fun with it. We have a ice maker in our freezer, so they snow cone machine should be fun and mostly inexpensive.
We were out flying kites for quite awhile, then we came in and I was upstairs doing something and came down stairs to this next picture.... Amber never misses anything.
She sat their who knows how long before I discovered her up there. We have tons of cake left, although I am not interested in it at all now. Not to mention all the tops and bottoms of cakes that I sliced off to make the cakes stand up correctly. I also had too much batter and ended up making some extra cupcakes. Anyone want some cake?? We have lots!
After I got Amber off the table, I was getting a wash cloth to clean her up. She had a finger full of pink frosting, then went to Samantha and was feeding it to her. Samantha didn't seem to mind. It was pretty cute, I wish I would have gotten a picture. Amber gave Samantha a lick, then Amber took a lick, then she gave one to Samantha again. Amber would giggle, take another lick and then share with Samantha again. It was so cute! I should have gotten it on video.
Well that is pretty much it for our birthday here... We decided, or should I say I have decided not to do a party for them other than our traditional family party which we had tonight. I can't believe my little twins are 7 years old. Next year they will be 8, and we will be doing the whole baptism thing. Where does time go?

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