Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mother's Day

Mother's day for me is nice when all the kids get along, everyone is nice to each other... I love the little gifts that the kids make at school, they are so fun. (I also love their Christmas gifts they make too!) This year was another great one with fun gifts from the girls. Robert got me a necklace with my birthstone in it.

Here you can see the spread of gifts I got. The book marks at the bottom the kids made at church. The little pink card with the flower on the outside is a card Amber made in nursery for me. Then starting from left to right would be:

Lindsey gift that was rolled up like a scroll that then made a little vase for the 3 paper flowers she made. The little poem is a poem she filled in the blank about me, the things I like and what not. It reads...

My Super Mom
My mom has brown eyes and is only 25 years old,
My mom's favorite color is yellow and orange,
My mom's favorite food is M&M's,
My mom loves me best when I give her kisses.
My mom has a pretty smile. I like to make her smile by being funny.
My mom looks prettiest when she was married.
My mom can do many things! I think she's best at scaring me.
I love my mom because she helps me get in the pool.
My mom is smart! She even knows that I love her.
I love my mom because she reads me a book every night.
I love my mom because she taught me how to read books.
While I am at school, my mom goes to the store.
My favorite thing about my mom is because she reads me books.
I love my mom when she makes me laugh every time she scares me.
If I could give my mom something special, it would be a life time supply of M&M's.

Next over from Lindsey's stuff is Lauren's gift. The picture she drew was the wrapping paper for her cook book and the book about My mom and Me. There is a little flower she painted that is a magnet as well. Their class made a cook book. The kids wrote down their own recipe for something they make, or their family makes and they they were to bring in a recipe from home. Each child had their own page, and at the top of the page was the kids' recipe. Lots of them used scoops for measuring and some used cups to measure things for their recipes. It was pretty cute. At the bottom of the page was the recipe brought from home. The kid got to draw and decorate their page. Then they were copied and then bound into a book. It was pretty cute. Lauren's My Mom and Me books reads...

This is how my mom and I are alike,
We love flowers,
We love cats and dogs,
We love to bake brownie tarts,
We love books.
This is how my mom and me are not alike,
I love horses, my mom does not.
My mom loves donkeys, I do not.
I love TV, my mom does not.
But we love each other.

And of course her book is fully illustrated and colored too. I think I might have made her feel bad because I said, I love horses too! She kinda made a funny laugh, so I am not sure if for some reason she didn't know that of if she couldn't think of anything or what. Who knows with first graders!

Then onto Emily's.... She made a big card with the hedge hogs on it. It has on the inside a little poem that says,

My mom is as sweet as sugar,
My mom is a beautiful as a rose,
I love my mom because she helps me with everything.

Then on the other side of the page was a vase with some flowers in it. The flowers where coupons for things like BREAKFAST IN BED and then 2 for ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO DO.

I was noticing that the kids must have been able to pick their colors on some things, since I got Yellow and Orange for things... which are my favorite colors and my kids know that!

I was a little fearful this year of breakfast in bed. It is often a common thing the girls have done for me for my birthday or for mother's day. The girls often make a "drink" for me. They are very creative with it... usually it has cinnamon and lemon juice and some other things the girls have found in the fridge or cupboards... I drink it as they wait patiently to see how good I like it... Mostly they are very UNIQUE flavors. This year, I wasn't too disappointed when I didn't get breakfast in bed or a special drink made by my girls. I am sure the drinks will get better as they get older.

That was my mother's day for the most part... at least the highlights of it. I hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful mothers day as well!

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