Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Wind Blew...

There was this BIG storm that was coming through on Friday night. We were suppose to get lots of snow on Saturday. All night long here the wind blew and blew and blew.... And when it blows out here, it just howls through our doors or something and it makes such an erie sound. Robert even at one point went out on our balcony to make sure the Christmas lights where still on our house. (They are still in tact!) All night long I would wake up and hear the wind blowing. It was awful!

Saturday morning comes, and I was telling the girls about the wind and asked if they heard it. It was still blowing so they heard it Saturday morning. The girls love to go out on our balcony, so they asked to go out there. Before they went out there, they were looking out the windows at the effects of the wind, tumble weeds blowing everywhere... they would say, "Oh look how big that one is!" and "there goes another one, did you see that one?" When they were out on the balcony they noticed Angel's (our rabbit) cage. They came running down the stairs and told me the cage was tipped over. I figured we better go turn it back over and see if it was broken or anything. The girls ran out before I even had my shoes and a coat on. They came running back in almost in tears, "the cage is tipped over and Angel is missing!) I go out and look, sure enough, the cage is totally tipped over with the front side of it laying on the ground. Angel is missing. Somehow the garbage can was inside the rabbit cage too, it also tipped over. The wind was still just blowing like crazy.

The girls are out in the yard at 8:30 in the morning yelling, "Angel....Angel....Angel!" I told them they should be a little more quiet for our neighbors who may still be sleeping. I also remind them that the cat barely comes when you call him, and I doubt the rabbit is just going to come hopping up because you call her name. I am thinking, the rabbit is gone, she is possibly even dead somewhere in our yard, maybe she got hurt when the cage fell over. I look around and under the blanket we had put on her cage the nights before, no rabbit. I am trying to think what to do next, go talk to the neighbors and tell them that we are missing a white rabbit, let us know if you see one... or just what. All of a sudden, one of the girls say, "I see her, she is right there by that rock!" I look over, and sure enough I see white fur, and there's Angel just eating what little grass we have in our yard among the weeds and stickers. I pick her up, and we bring her inside. She spends the whole day in our little bathroom.

I put her in with the cat food and cat box. We added her food and water in there too. She had gone to the bathroom on the floor, so I picked it up and put it in the cat box. A little later, I notice there is a little wet spot in the cat box. She had used the cat box. FUNNY!! Robert had made the comment to me before, "Like she is really going to use the cat box." I had told him the cat box was for the CAT, not the rabbit. I have heard of rabbits being box trained but have never tried it since the rabbit lives outside. The rabbit did pretty well going potty in the box but the little droppings where all over the bathroom and in the box too.

Later that night, Robert fixed her little house/cage and I put her back in it. It made for a perfect time to try out my new tile cleaner on the little bathroom floor. The cleaner worked so great, I ended up mopping the rest of my floors (kitchen and dinning area) and it was like at 10 at night.

And out of all that wind and all that snow we were suppose to get, we got hardly anything. I was thinking maybe we are a little higher up next to the mountains a bit so maybe we would get more snow then the valleys, but I guess not, or at least not during this storm. BUMMER!!

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