Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Night Gingerbread Houses

For Family Home Evening, we were invited to a neighbors house to join with them in doing gingerbread house... or should I say graham cracker houses. The girls were really excited, as was I so that we could get to know some of the families in our neighborhood.

The girls had a blast. Amber just mostly ate candy, but the girls created their houses. The mom asked if the girls wanted to share one or if they wanted to do them separately, Emily immediately said she wanted to do one by herself. I told the twins they could just put their houses together on the same board. What a lovely creation they came up with. The frosting didn't stick really great so when Robert took them out to the car the wind blew Lindsey and Lauren's house right in... (hmmm, that reminds me of another story I know about some pigs!)

Here is one picture of Lindsey and Lauren's masterpieces. Lauren's is the one with the falling down roof, okay so they both are falling down. Lauren's is the one on the left and Lindsey's is on the right.

Not sure if you can see it or not, Lindsey put black frosting out of her block chimney for smoke... it was pretty cute. I think that part of her house fell down.

This is the top view of their house. The dad when we were leaving told the girls they didn't have anything in their backyard, so he added some licorice and said, now you have logs back there. Nice family!!

Here is Emily's work of art. Robert helped her with her house, just putting it together. I like her sucker in the front and her licorice in the front too. I also liked her Kit Kat steps.

Emily's house has a mound of candy on the left of the house, she called this her "garden" and more specifically her "nutritious garden." I think like "mound of cavities" or "pound of sugar" sounds more appropriate.

That was about it really. The candy houses are still mostly there in our kitchen. Every time I get close I can smell the sweet smell of frosting and I think, I will have a little piece. But then when I look at the houses, I am not sure what to grab, and I decide not to partake of any of them. (It is probably better that way!) Amazingly enough, Amber hasn't tried at all to eat any of the candy off the houses or want a piece of them. I am sure once she sees the girls eating them then she will get the idea. But as for now, the houses are Amber safe.


The Johnson's said...

How fun!!! I need to get busy & get stuff to do this, too! (My girls have been requesting it for a family night for a couple of weeks now!! It looks like your girls had a great time! Their houses look AWESOME!!! THey are all SO creative!!!!!! What a fun post!!

Julie said...

That looks so yummy. We are going to try that on Monday for family night. The kids love doing that.