Monday, December 15, 2008

4 Things Tag

Okay, so I have been thinking about doing this tag, and then I keep forgetting about it! (I was really going to do it in the first place, I just forgot to do it!)

The tag is Fours

Four Things I like about my Hubby:
  1. He is so honest. I love that!
  2. He always makes me laugh. Sometimes even when I don't feel like laughing he is doing something or saying something that makes me laugh and I can't stay angry anymore or be upset.
  3. I love that he has always wanted to get a good education to be sure to provide for our family. It hasn't always been easy with him in school and the schedule and time away from home, but it sure has paid off in the end.
  4. He always wants whats best for us, especially ME! He supports me in whatever I want to do and encourages me.

Four Jobs I have had:

  1. Worked at Colton Pharmacy when I was 14. I got the job because a lady that worked there told me I should apply. It was a great first job and experience for me.
  2. Gee Cee's Truck Stop... (I now know where the trucker stereo-type comes from) I started as data entry and when I left I had done everything from acct receivable to deposits to payroll to inventory. It was also a great learning experience. Plus, I met one of my best friends there!
  3. JCPenney Salt Lake Acct Center, did Sales tax returns and then got into licences for the stores, renewing them and setting up new stores.
  4. I worked from home doing various things from bookkeeping to payroll. That wasn't as fun as being a Mom which is what I had hoped for since I was little. (Although I am sure I will have another job someday again.)

Four Movies watched more than once

  1. When A Man Loves A Women (haven't watched it in a long time since it is R rated, can't even remember now why it is, I guess I would have to watch it again to remember ;-) )
  2. Hope Floats
  3. Mary Poppins
  4. Lake House

Four TV shows I watch

  1. ER
  2. Smallville (with Robert)
  3. Everybody Loves Raymond
  4. Reba

Four Places I have visited:

  1. Maui Hawaii
  2. Porterville California to visit family there
  3. Chicago Illinios, went with FFA in school
  4. Kansas City Missouri, again it was with FFA

Four Places I have lived:

  1. Winlock, WA where I grew up
  2. Holladay UT, my first home in UT that I lived at for a month in a half before I married Robert.
  3. Midvale UT, moved to be close to friends
  4. Orem, UT our last home that we lived there for about 8 years!

Four foods that I like:

  1. Mozarella sticks (yummy)
  2. Lettuce Wraps from PF Changs
  3. Enchaladas
  4. Nice big juicy Cheese burger with Bacon and BBQ sauce (and pineapple if available...)

Four Places I would like to visit:

  1. Ireland, sounds beautiful and have seen beautiful pictures from there
  2. Texas to visit family there
  3. Alaska - the northern lights seem to attract me
  4. Back to Hawaii to see more there

Four People I tag:

  1. Karen
  2. Julie
  3. Jamie
  4. Becki

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Julie said...

It was fun reading all those. I will try to get my tag done. My next three days are busy, but I will get to it.