Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa has been dropping off things here...

Since Christmas is getting so close, Santa has been dropping off things here before Christmas for me to keep until Christmas. Apparently he is sending all the girls with me and Samantha to WA after Christmas. I was originally going to go up there for my brother's baby blessing and the girls and Robert where staying home. Santa dropped off plane tickets and a luggage set for each of the girls. The tickets have little cases that look like CD gift boxes you would get at a music store. Each ticket has the girl's name on it and then the ticket goes in the box, the box goes in their suitcase.

I think the girls will be supprised with this gift from Santa. I am thinking Santa has a ticket for Robert too, but I haven't seen one yet. I might need to look around a little harder to see if Santa misplaced it.

I am pretty excited for Christmas.... and to see what the girls made me from school! Those are my favorite gifts! Okay and I am a little excited for what I am getting my parents too! But shhh, I can't tell you until after Christmas when I go up there!


The Johnson's said...

HOW FUN!!! How long will you get to stay?!? I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jamie said...

what????? No superlong suburban drive to Wa with 5 little girls?????? Good luck on that airplane. I hope you have a fabulous trip and way to go on presentation points Santa Claus!