Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things are looking up!

The girls had a better day yesterday at school, Lindsey and Lauren even wanted to ride the bus to school, which I let them and then ran Emily to school. She (Em) refused to go to class so she waited until she was late and then requested that I walk her into school. I hate to say NO, I know she is doing pretty good for what she use to do. Today the girls missed the bus so I took them to school and then did my running around. When I dropped the girls off at school, I reminded them they WOULD be taking the bus back home, I would not be there to pick them up. Emily started in with, "I don't know where to go..." and I again told her go to your class and ask your teacher where it is that you are suppose to be lining up at. Lindsey just took Emily and said, "I will show you!" and then Lindsey and Lauren took Emily to go line up and they walked by the bus they were to catch later, so Emily could see what bus it was. That is what I like to see! Sisters helping each other out. It made me so happy.

About our house situation, we finally got HOT WATER last night! Yahoo!! It was about 9 pm when the guy left and said it would be about an hour before we it would be ready. I was so anticipated a nice HOT bath, but decided I didn't want to wait that long, and I wanted a HOT bath not a luke warm one. When I was getting ready for bed shortly after 9, I noticed the water wasn't FREEZING anymore, so that was exciting.

We are suppose to be getting direcTV today, since no reception is really here. We tried one antenna and it didn't seem to really work that great, so we decided to go with the dish of some sort. I really don't like the dish systems, I don't like the idea of having cartoon access ALL DAY long, for the kids. I don't appreciate all the garbage that comes with it, and would like to just basically get local channels. I do like some of the extra channels but of course you can't really just get animal planet for the kids and Fox Sports for Robert. And of course they lock in into the whole thing by signing you up for 2 years, and this rate is only good for the first year! GREAT! Oh well.

Our new internet that we had was through Verizon, an air card or something and it was like $60 a month, so I didn't want to do that. We went through Digis now, or will be. They will come out and hook us up later this week. In the meantime, my email account doesn't work. I log in and it tells me this is no longer valid please close it or we will automatically close it in 5 minutes. I really dislike the whole changing email addresses. I should just get a yahoo account or something to keep it always the same. Until then, it seems there is a wireless network somewhere around us that I am able to tap into. Nice!

Our old cat, from the other house has seemed to adjust okay to this house. He still seems to get lost, he will meow really loud until I talk to him or someone else will. He really wants to go outside. I let him out today, he just sneaky-ly (if that is a word) walked around on our porch, and then Amber shut the door on him which freaked him out. As soon as I opened the door to the house, he ran back inside. There is a cat here, that I am guessing use to live here, she (I say she, but I haven't really looked to see if it is a she or he) sits at the patio door and even comes in the garage. The girls this morning left the door open and she ran right in. She did that twice and one of the times I had to chase her up the stairs. I guess she knew what was coming. GATO (our cat) doesn't really care for her. He will look out the slider from the dining room and she will be out there. They both just hiss and growl at each other through the window. Poor thing, they both think this is their house.

While running errands today, Amber kept talking to me. She cracks me up. This is what she would say in almost every store we went into...

Amber: Say, I

Me: I

Amber: Love

Me: Love

Amber: You!

Me: You!

Amber: Now say, I Love

Me: I Love

Amber: you so much!

Me: you so much!

Amber: Good job, you did it! Now put your fingers up.
(she uses the sign for I LOVE YOU.)

Then she would say things like, I..... Tinkerbell.... I...... Dora..... and make me repeat her words. She was cracking me up. It reminds me of my nephew who is now grown up, when he was little he was sitting on his Grandma's lap and asking her, "Grandma, what color is this?" pointing to a color on her shirt, just copying what she had done before. Kids learn fast, and I really enjoy watching them learn and grow.

Which brings me to another thought.... I got my "free" snapfish photo book back the other day. We had taken a trip in the summer of 2007 to Yellowstone and I had always wanted to put it in a book and make a scrapbook out of it, and so that is what I decided to do for my free book (from the Oprah giveaway). I read the book to the girls last night, and they were really delighted to have a book of their vacation. But looking at the pictures in there, Amber looks like Samantha in there and the twins look so YOUNG, they were just barely 5. They have grown up so much since then. It kind of makes me sad. It makes me want to embrace all my girls and the stages and ages they are, since they will never be back there again. I am definitely going to miss the baby stages that we are closing too fast each day with Samantha. I am afraid I am going to blink my eyes and I will be Grandma Karla and all my girls will be grown with families of their own. I better stop there before I make myself cry!


wendy said...

Karla, I'm so glad things are working out. And you are right, you will be Grandma Karla way faster than you imagine. Holy Cow. Just enjoy every day of this!!

I miss you guys! I was just going to email you, but since you said your account doesn't work, I won't bother. Do you have a new phone nubmer yet?

Love ya!

Julie said...

Sounds like things are going well for you and now you have HOT water. That is wonderful! Hot baths are a must! We drove by your house yesterday and I thought of you and your family. I still can't believe you have moved. I just keep thinking you are on a vacation or something and will be back. Hope things continue to get better for you.

Karen Brothersen said...

I love the Amber story. That was adorable. She is a little sweetie. And you have HOT water. The joys in life we all take for granted. I thought about you every-time I showered this week. It made me a little more grateful for the little things in life. I MISS YOU KARLA HAYES!