Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures from WA trip last Aug.

Since we had to get a new email account, I have been trying to go into our old one and get some of my emails out of there. Especially the ones with Pictures. Lots of times I never save the pictures, I just go back to the email. Teaches me I need to SAVE them each time I get them huh! These are some pictures my sister sent. They are from our WA trip during this last August. These were great pictures one of my sisters took, I just had to post them and SAVE them too!

Lindsey and Lauren

Amber with her cousin Destiny

Emily next to the fountain she was helping to build and decorate. (btw Emily most likely decorates better than I do, and is more creative with it. Not that I always like her ideas, but she is great for her age I think! And she isn't afraid to state her opinion or idea.)

Grandma Karen (my mom) and Sam

Aunt Lorri, Grandma, and Sam


The Johnson's said...

Karla I LOVE these pictures!! I love going back & looking through stuff, too!

BTW--I just barely read your last post about your bad day with the dogs & everything...I am SOO sorry! It sounded like a VERY rough day!!! I hope things have settled down a little bit!

Thanks again for coming to Morgan's baptism! It meant a lot to have you guys there!!!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip. Very cute pictures!!!!!!!!!