Monday, December 1, 2008


Last night we had some family over for a birthday desert kind of thing. It was nice to have a place big enough for a few extras without all separating into various locations. After our desert (left over Thanksgiving pie) we went over to one of my neice and her husband's house to see all their Christmas decorations. As we are driving back to our house Lindsey says, "When are we going back to Saratopia?" I kind of had to laugh. Saratopia, is that a good fit or not, I am not sure. In some ways it is, and in other ways I am way out of my comfort zone here.

Funny thing is on Saturday the girls and I walked down the street to see if one of the neighbor girls could play, and who do we see.... the Allens driving around. It was pretty funny!

We talked to the PPM guys that looked at our hot water heater, sounds like the part will be in TOMORROW! (fingers crossed!) This no hot water thing is something I have totally taken advantage of before.

Today the girls went to school at their new school. Emily kept saying, "I don't like today" which is what she says to anything she doesn't approve of or when she gets out of her comfort zone. Emily cried at lunch when she didn't have a place to sit and then Lindsey got lost after school when it was time to go home, she couldn't find her way to the meeting place we set up. Other than that, all went well.

I brought the cat over today... to make a long story short, he freaked out in the car and ended up peeing all over my lap. YUCK! Cats are great aren't they!!

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Julie said...

Yeah Parker said the Allans were going over there to look at houses. I hope your girls have better days at school. They will get the hang of it.