Friday, December 19, 2008

Amber lion and her friends

Amber definitely has a very active imagination. She is often a cat or a dog and tells me, "Kitty wants some meat" which means that she wants some lunch meat, but just by itself. She lately has been more of a lion. She will tell me she is a lion and that she won't bite me because she is a nice lion. She often will have a spider on her hand (all imaginary) and want me to pet it and reassures me that it is nice and won't hurt me.

Today I was working on some little projects and I was using some new paint pens that I got. They are like markers, but they have a paint brush tip and the paint automatically goes to the paint tip so you can paint. I was doing some stuff and Amber was wanting to color also. I gave her a paint pen to use, watching her carefully that she was going to only use it on her paper. A short time later, she started writing on her arms, then her hands, and last her face. I then decided to continue her drawing on her face and gave her some whiskers, and a nose. She then was very delighted and told me she was a lion. Her name of course would be her normal name for anything "come-play." She was so excited to show her sisters when they got home.

When the girls got home from school, they thought it was pretty cool, and then they wanted me to paint their faces too. I basically painted Lindsey and Laurens mostly the same as Amber's minus Amber's own drawing on her cheeks. Then Emily wanted her face done too, but she wanted something else. I started with Emily's and just drew her some glasses on her face. She looked so funny! (Wish I would have gotten a picture of that!) But this is what she ended up with.

Like I said, Lindsey and Lauren where some sort of cats and then Lauren washed off her face and asked if she could be a butterfly instead. I repainted her face as a butterfly, and then Lindsey came to me with a clean face again wanting a butterfly too.

Lindsey here isn't too happy, and Lauren already washed her face before I could get a picture of her butterfly.

The girls also colored my face, gave me a mustache, hair on my chin and glasses too. Robert's parents where here too, and they did Grandpa with a real curly mustache and a little goatee. He looked like the nutcracker! Then they did Grandma and they did all sorts of stuff on her, she had facial hair and glasses and rosy cheeks and all sorts of who knows what, but they kept painting her. Poor Rob gets home, looks around and sees the girls and smiles and then he sees his mom, and is looking really confused, and then he sees his dad and me too. It was priceless to see his face!!
I was just glad to see that they washed off. I wasn't sure how well they would work to wash off since they were really paint. We even gave Samantha a few little whiskers and a small blue nose. I thought these "paintastic" (I think is what they are called) pens where going to be fun but didn't think this was going to be the way they would be fun! My face is a little dry now, but it could have been the super windy weather I was out in today, looking for the sleds that blew away!


wendy said...

Karla, I love those pictures and that you had such fun with them. What a great idea!

Jamie said...

That looks like fun. That's one thing I admire about you as a mom Karla, you are always so ready to play with your kids. They will always remember that.
Rob's parents are great sports to let the girls paint them up as well. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see Rob's expression as he took it all in!

Julie said...

I agree with Jamie, you are so willing to play with your kids or walk them to school. I think you are a model mom for all of us. You are great and your kids will remember that. I want to see your painted face. Where is that picture and you guys should have painted Rob's face too. I would have loved to see his reaction too.