Thursday, December 11, 2008

Samantha at 6 months

Okay so I have been so busy lately, that I didn't ever post anything about Samantha and her 6 month appointment. (Or did I?) Samantha turned 6 months on her cousins year birthday. So fun! She weighed a wopping 17 lbs 7.5 oz and was 26 inches. She is in the 78% for her weight, 60% for her height, and 71% for her head. Most all my other girls, excpet for Amber, have all been in the 90+ percentile for weight, and head circumference. Rob's Grandma says smart kids have big heads! I like to think so too! Samantha has gone down a little in height and weight as far as how she was growing before, but still is doing great. When I was nursing Samantha she was in the 92+ %ile for her weight. I thought Samantha was going to catch up with Amber in weight and all, but it looks like she is slowing down and may not catch her as fast as I thought she was. Amber is still just like 23 lbs.

Samantha is doing great. She is always laughing and giggling. She squeals at Amber all the time in the car. I will hear Amber laughing and then Samantha will just start squealing at Amber too. They seem to be doing better together. Amber will try to wake her up when they are both in the car, she will start laughing at Samantha and try to wake her up that way.

Samantha loves her feet, she grabs them and just loves to touch them. In fact, it is kind of any feet. When I change her diaper, I lay her down on the floor and I sit down on the floor with her between my knees and she grabs at my feet or pant legs. She is really grabby. She grabs faces, earrings, zipopers...anything she can get her hands on. She seems to also LOVE hair! She will grab my hair or one of the girls' and she will just squeal and get so excited. She still isn't super cordinated, so she wobbles and grabs things clumsily. She has 4 teeth on the bottom and 3 on top, maybe 4 on top by now. She LOVES to latch on to a finger, arm, shoulder.... whatever she can get her mouth on and chew or BITE really hard. She got my chin once, at first I was like, oh how cute she is giving me kisses, and then that turned really quick into get her off of me! She is sitting up by herself really good. It almost seemed like overnight that happened. She rolls over a little but hasn't quite used it to her advantage to go anywhere. She sometimes will get flipped over in her bed onto her belly and then will cry trying to get back on to her back.

She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. I love to just play with her in the morning after she has eaten and before her nap. She is also very tickleish. Especially under her chin or around her neck. She has been protesting lately about getting into her car seat, and when she is upset, she won't bend to sit down when I try to sit her down on the floor. Guess she knows she gets put there and then ignored too often.

I was hoping to do like a bunch of photos from when she was a baby 'til she was 6 months, but I will have to do that later. Here's a few pictures that I found on my computer and camera.

Here is Samantha with her cute flower headband on. The other girls kept trying to get pictures with her doing the same things Samantha was doing.

Here is Lauren holding Samantha, this is her actual 6 month day.
Amber was trying to smile for the camera with Samantha. Anytime I get the camera out, Amber thinks it is all about her. (Normally it is, Amber is too cute!)Amber was giving Samantha a kiss, I kept missing the kiss so I kept having her do it again. Samantha wasn't too happy about it as time went on.

This picture cracks me up! It is quite the funny picture of Samantha.
Here Amber is trying to talk to Samantha.

And this one has nothing to do with Samantha, but it was too cute, I had to add it!

And this would be my all time favorite of Samantha I think so far! So cute!!!

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