Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Here is a video of the girls, mostly Emily getting her ticket from Santa to go to WA. She was hillarious. I always forget after the fact that when I am video taping, I should NOT talk so loud! Sorry, but Emily is so funny!

I haven't put a video on here yet, so I am hoping it woked out okay. Hope everyone else had a great Christmas.


The Jones :) said...

That's adorable adults all sound so cute and excited too!! Emily is too cute...all giddy and excited!! Looks like it was a fun Christmas!! When are you going on your trip!?!?!

Julie said...

Gosh, I have never seen Emily so excited! Wow! That is so cool. I hope you guys have a fun vacation. We missed you guys on our street for Christmas. Hope you had a nice one. Love you guys

Jamie said...

I'm glad you got that recorded. How cute. Emily is defintiely more restrained in public. IT was fun to see her "let loose"

Have fun tomorrow!