Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emily's smile has changed abit

Back in Feb Emily got braces. She wasn't too sure about getting braces, we knew "one day" she would need them but then when her teeth didn't come down like they were suppose to then we needed to get them fixed now. Here is a picture the day that Emily got her braces on... this is of course BEFORE braces.... on Feb 29th 2008.

This is Emily right after her braces where put on... it took some getting use to but she did great with them on.

This is just today, this morning before we went to the Ortho appointment to get her braces off. Amber wanted to be in the pictures too.
Here is Emily again, just a few last pictures before her smile changes....
And Amber is getting a little more happy in the pictures now too. Emily's last smile on film with braces.... Now we have a BEFORE
And now AFTER! Look at that smile!
Amber was pretty caught up in all the talk of Emily getting her braces off, Amber kept saying she wanted to get her braces off too. Before that she was telling me she was getting her braces off too. She even tried to go back to the chair.

Here is Emily and her new smile for a while... 'til she needs braces again later.

Amber was so funny, the whole way back to school, she kept saying all the things Emily was saying, "It feels like my teeth fell out." or "it feels so wierd..." then she would repeat a few and then say, "my teeth are more wiggly now," or "can I eat some corn chips? Please" Emily would say something and then Amber would repeat it with some of her own adverbs...awesome, cool, freaky, dude... anything the other girls have said before. "That's just freaky!" (sounds funny coming out of a 2 yr old)

So now we are done with the orth....'til Jan when Lindsey gets her spacers and retainer! What fun it is to go to appts!


The Jones :) said...

She is beautiful Karla!! I'm sure she's way happy with her cute smile now too!! How exciting...and Amber is too cute!! Thanks so much for the flower clips...I love them...I have one headband that I've been using...but I have to make some more...and I'll be anxious to get the ones from you too!! Thanks for being so thoughtful and sorry I missed you...I miss seeing you around too...hope things are well for you in your new HUGE house!!!
Love ya

The Johnson's said...

Congratulations, Emily!! I bet it's so nice having them off!!!


BTW--I LOVE the last picture of Samantha, too!! SOOOO CUTE!!!

Julie said...

Emily looks great! 5 think that's what we need to do for Reilly. He had 3 sets of 2 front teeth, so they pulled 2 out and now the other ones look like they are stuck. Not fun.

Karen Brothersen said...

What a wonderful day! I am dreaming about the day my braces come off! She looks great!

Julie said...

Hey Karla, we totally missed you guys at the party. It was not the same at all without you. You better come next year, you have to. How was your ward party? Are you adjusting to your new ward? How are the girls doing with it? We miss them in Primary.