Friday, December 26, 2008

Sledding is no fun when it is frozen!

According to Emily, sledding is no fun. Robert had today off, so he thought with all the snow we have that the girls would like to go sledding. We found a fun place that is shaped kind of like a bowl so we thought it would be a perfect place to sled, you sled down into the bowl so it seems all safe.

I didn't go with them, so according to Robert, the snow was very icy and frozen (as you can see from poor Em's face it is frozen). The girls were sledding on one side of the bowl, and then Robert went to the other side that was steeper and longer. Lauren was getting ready to go and Robert was getting ready to catch her (since he crashed going down himself because it was so fast). Emily didn't wait, and she headed down the hill, and CRASH! She slid on the snow.

Robert got home just shortly after they left (I guess they only got to go 2 or 3 times down the hill), I thought they just forgot something. Robert said, "We have had an accident" and then I saw poor Emily crying and all scratched up. Poor Babe! Having her all sad and hurt made me want to cry right with her. I had to really hold back to keep myself together. She hadn't seen her wounds yet, so I was trying to make it seem like it was all okay. She had blood in her hair and on her coat. Poor thing! She took a bath, got some Motrin and is feeling a bit better. She doesn't want to go out anywhere. She complains that her face still really stings. One good thing is that she was okay with me taking this picture, so she is doing better I would say. She looks better now, at first she was just all swollen and red. I thought she was going to have a black eye. I wanted to just cry thinking about how she was going to feel going anywhere... and having her face look all this way. We will still face that I am sure as the days go by. Robert feels AWFUL! I hope her scratches get better instead of worse... sometimes in healing things look worse as they get all scabbed over. Time will heal I suppose. I gave the other girls a pep talk on not to STARE and not to talk about it really.

So all of you going out to sled, take warning!

Before sledding, Emily has been busy taking pictures like Lindsey too, but not as many. She wants to "save" her film. I told her there is no film but she hasn't quite realized that we just save them and free up more space for her. She has been taking less pictures then the other girls.

Just the one of her ticket to WA and then one of the cat on the stairs, with curtains now. These sure are fun little cameras they got!!


The Jones :) said...

SAD...She is a trooper though for letting you take pictures!! I hope the healing goes quick and doesn't turn all black/blue. Poor Rob...he's gotta feel terrible...but at least he was willing to play and take the girls out somewhere fun!! What a good Dad!!! Hope the rest of your weekend is better!! Miss you LOTS!!!

Julie said...

Oh Emily, I hope you are feeling better. That is not fun when you crash. My kids keep asking to go sledding and it is just too cold and I don't like crashing. It is kinda dangerous. We usually go to the provo bowl and sled at that park, but it's getting scarier every year. Swimming is much better. Hope you all had a good Christmas. Love ya