Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cookies for Santa

The girls have been really worried about what cookies we would be leaving for Santa. I like some of those Santa things, but sometimes I feel like we do way too much of the Santa stuff and forget about the whole Jesus theme of Christmas, which is really what it is all about! I told Robert that I really wanted to focus more on the whole Christ stuff but it is hard to just jump in there and do something new. Tonight we tried to read some Christmas stories about the gospel or other feel good kind of stories, but the girls were not cooperating too much.

So today, since the girls are on Christmas break, and I was trying to plan ahead for breakfast tomorrow (thanks Jamie for the idea), we decided to make gingerbread cookies. Only bad thing is I couldn't find my rolling pin, and then I couldn't find my cookie cutters. They are probably in a box still somewhere with the cake decorating box I wanted also and couldn't find. If only I could snap my fingers and have everything unpacked so quick like that.

Here are some pictures of our results. Amber was more interested in eating the frosting, and the older girls loved doing the frosting and decorating. Amber's one cookie is the one on the plate that is all licked looking. The girls had a good time, and Robert slept during the whole thing, although so did Samantha mostly.

I accidently deleted a few of these, but was too lazy to go back and see which ones they were to get them again. You get the idea though!
Merry Christmas!!


Jamie said...

fun stuff! I love me some gingerbread. We left santa some gingerbread too!

Julie said...

We forgot about leaving cookies until the kids were tucked in bed, then one of them remembered and jumped out of bed to try to find some cookies, luckly Andy had some in his drawer...hey guys hide stuff too in their drawers too. Well we got that done and back in bed, then we forgot about leaving out the stocking so again they got out of bed to do that. By the time they got back in bed it was 11 pm. I took some tylenol hoping to sleep in, but was awake at 5:30 am and could not go back to sleep. Love your gingerbread cookies. I've never tried them.