Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Amber, what do you do with her?

Amber just totally cracks me up and yet at other time is very frustrating.  She doesn't always listen or do what I ask her to do like today at the store when she continued to crawl over the top of the car shopping cart to reach in and pull Samantha's hair.  I perhaps would have looked to find some tape to tape her arms up but we were at the check out stand at the time.  I just wanted to get out as fast as possible. 

A few days ago....  I asked Amber to go to the car.  She didn't really do it and kept running away or talking about how the garage floor was cold so her feet would be frozen.  I told her I would carry her but she needed to hurry so we could get Emily to school.  As I picked her up, she started to hit me and throw a fit.  I just put her down and told her if she couldn't be nice to me she would have to go get in the car by herself.  She calmed down as I put Samantha in the car and then I asked Amber if she wanted me to carry her.  She said, "yes please."  I picked her up and took her to the car.  As I was buckling her up I reminded her that I don't like it when she hits me and it isn't nice.  She looked at me and said in her cutest little precious voice, "when I hit you it is because I love you so much!"  What do you say to that?


wendy said...

Cute! She has such a funny personality!

Oh, and where is that pic of the girls taken, where they look like they're on some big drop off?

Marie said...

There's a reason why kids are so cute--so we don't kill them :)