Thursday, December 17, 2009

Writings on the wall

We are still having problems with markers   writing instruments.  I think we are controlling the issue and then something like this happens.  One day Amber had drawn on this same wall in our kitchen with a yellow marker.  It was hard to see it, you didn't really notice it compared to other colors she has chosen before.  Robert came home from work, saw some yellow marker on the floor and got all bent out of shape and talked to Amber about it.  She used her little cute innocent voice that makes it hard to be mad at her, in fact it is so cute and sweet you almost forget what she did that made you so upset... using that voice and with lots of facial expressions said, "Dad I am really sorry I wrote on the floor, and on the chair, and on the table, and on the wall.  I can clean it up tomorrow!" 

Then there was this day....  she got a hold of a nice grey marker... and drew on her favorite wall.  And... made her into a kitty as she loves to do.

Then she began to explain to me..."This is a little balloon..."

"And this is a little bit bigger balloon...."

"And this is a great big pickle balloon."

I guess that shows me she is not just randomly writing on the walls, she is making something out of it all.  I am thinking maybe she needs art classes or maybe those "no mess" art supplies. 


Marie said...

That is the reason I do not keep markers in my house :)

Jamie said...

oh Karla.... with the first couple you keep the markers, crayons and all other writing implements so carefully monitored and then you find yourself with 5 cute pies running around and writing implements are all over the house and bam... balloon pickles on the wall.

so sorry :(