Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Program

One of the favorite things of the holidays is going to the school to listen and watch the kids sing their prepared Christmas songs.  Emily's school did it on Friday.  They have like 1,130 kids the principal said, so they break it up into 2 sessions since not all the parents can get in the gym at the same time.  They had a show for the A track kids' parents and then later for the B track kids' parents.  Due to a conflict with the girls at the other school, I went to the A track performance instead.  Then on another day, the school perform again for the other classes.  (Emily's grade sang "Little Saint Nick" by the Beach Boys. The school's program lasted over an hour and each grade sang only one song.  It took some time moving that many kids on and off the stage.  Some grades have 6 classes.)

Lindsey and Lauren at the new school didn't have their "Sing-in" as they called it.  I was realived that it wasn't at the same time as Em's like the halloween parade was.  I hadn't heard anything from the kids of when they were singing... I didn't see any papers talking about it.  I talked to the girls again today and found out that the school isn't having a program for the parents.  They are having a Sing-In but only for the students. 

Don't you think that seems pretty weird?  My girls said they don't have room to have all the parents there.  Well DUH, then do what other big schools do and do it different times.  I understand the school is new, the principal is new, and maybe they just couldn't schedule it... and maybe I should just zip my mouth. 

This is my Christmas complaint.  There will be NO Christmas program for the twins this year.  I guess it just gives me one less thing to do while I am sewing like mad to get all my projects completed before the kids are out of school.

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