Monday, December 21, 2009

It didn't work...

Amber got Samantha a doll for Christmas.  I wrapped it up, Samantha was right there too.  I didn't think she would remember or that it would be a big deal.  Samantha got really upset and kept crying saying, "baby" when I was taping up the ends of the package.  This is what the present looks like now, although I completely wrapped it.

I found this present this morning... it may have happened last night. 

I guess the talk we had didn't work really well.  I am not sure who did this, but I am guessing Amber.  I think Samantha would have brought it to me to help her with it.  And if Samantha saw it was her baby, she would have said, "baby" and taken it out or asked for help to take the baby out. 

We may have to stop putting things under the tree until Christmas Eve.

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