Thursday, December 31, 2009

Santa came early

We had a family party at our house with Robert's parents, grandparents, and his siblings mainly.  He has a sister and a brother in California that didn't make it.  They were missed and thought of through out the night. 

We all got together and had good food, ate our yummy food.  We had so much food I had left overs for a week.  I had to throw some of it out.  Our rabbit was grateful for some of the vegtable not eaten.

Before we ate we played gumdrop bingo with pictures of things that had to do with Christmas and then there was a knock at the door.  It was SANTA!  He came in with a big bag of something.  As he got into the bag he took out stockings for the kids, read their names talked to them for a bit and then gave them their stocking.  Their stockings had treats inside and a toy that was wrapped up. 

Santa even had a stocking for Robert's neice who is pregnant...  her baby Brinley.  (I think that is how she spells it.)

It was nice to have it at our house so the kids could go right to bed when the party was over.  There was no travelings or packing up really.  I enjoyed having it here and we had enough space too so that was nice.  Our new house is nice for the extra space that we have.  It wouldn't have been an option at our other house. 

We played a little gift exchange game with $5 gifts/white elephant gifts.  It was the story of the "Wright Family Dinner" or something like that.  Everytime in the story when the word wright/right was said you passed your gift to the person to the right of you.  When the word left was said, you passed it to the person on the left of you.  It was pretty funny.  At one point Grandpa Thomas said, "I think they had too much eggnog to drink" when we went from right, left, right, left, all in a row quickly.  He is pretty funny. 

Santa asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas and Lindsey and Lauren asked for a Barbie, then when it was Amber's turn, she said she wanted a Barbie too.  (like that was the correct answer to the question)  We all laughed.  Cousin Cody, who just turned 20, sat on Santa's lap too.  When Santa asked if he had been good, he said, "relitively good!"  We laughed at that one too. 

Here are some of the pictures from it all. 

The kids where happy to get some treats and a toy too.  My girls are into capturing, or more like torturing some of their older cousins that happen to be boys, so that is what my girls did for the rest of the night.  The night was spent with them dragging the big boy cousins (20 year olds) up the stairs to trap them in a room or something.  Who knows...  My girls are too funny and they LOVE thier cousins so much.  Lindsey has a thing for older boys I guess.  She is usually the one that starts it.  Emily has nothing to do with this boy trapping, she is more likely seen with the girl cousins or mothering the younger cousins. 

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