Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Swinging in California

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Orange County, California to visit Rob's family.  The weather was great, and we had such a fun time.  I always look forward to going to California to visit Rob's family, it is always such a memorable time and the kids love it too. 

In Aunt Michelle and Uncle Bill's amazing backyard they have a pool, some swings, a BBQ pit area, and a dining area along with their mature trees and wonderfully landscaped yard.  The girls have a blast.  This year was like many others, they loved the swings! 

Above Emily is swinging and to the left Lauren is getting ready to swing too.  The girls love to have their pictures taken too.  Kinda cute.

Here Lindsey is going crazy on the swing...   Below is one of Robert's borthers and son Harmon.  Harmon liked the swing too, but like Amber and Samantha wasn't too good holding on for himself. 

The girls also thought it was fun and challenging to see if they could push off each other as they were swinging.  I think it was more of an effort to kick one another while swinging. 

It seemed okay to play this swinging game as long as both were playing and as long as they put their feet together gently.  There were some times that we had to monitor whose turn it is now along with determining if she "meant" to kick her or not. 

The pool wasn't the only hazard for Samantha... the swings where too.  She loved the swings but wasn't afraid of getting hit by them either. 

As always when we return from Aunt Michelle's house... the girls are always wanting to stay longer and to come back really soon.  We missed going to California last year, and hadn't been there for 2 years.  They hadn't even met Samantha yet, and last we saw them Amber was just learning to walk.  It was definetly time for us to visit, and we were so glad we did.  Turns out there is a Ragnar there in April, so Robert is already planning a race trip there in the spring.  I won't really fight it much. 

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